Created in China “laser machine”

China has developed a new portable laser weapons — assault rifle ZKZM-500, which is called “laser AK-47” or weapons of Star wars. This writes the South China Morning Post.

В Китае создали «лазерный автомат»

“The pain will be tough,” — said one of the creators of the machine.

Rifle is classified as “non-lethal” weapons. ZKZM-500 produces invisible to the human eye a beam of energy that can pass through Windows and at a distance of 800 m is called severe burns. The rifle has a caliber of 15 mm and a weight of three.

“Laser machine” is ready to mass production. It is noted that, most likely, it will be weapons in counter-terrorism units of the Chinese police. It can also be used in covert military operations. The beam is powerful enough to ignite the fuel in the tank.

“Because the laser is configured for the invisible frequency, it produces absolutely no sound and nobody would know where the attack started. It will look like an accident,” — said another Creator of weapons.

Rifles will be powered by a rechargeable lithium battery, similar to the one that is in smartphones. Its charge will last for 1000 “rounds”, each of which lasts no more than two seconds.

В Китае создали «лазерный автомат»

Photo: Xian Institute of Optics and Precision Mechanics

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