Created the world’s first three-dimensional x-ray (VIDEO)

Создан первый в миpe ЗD-peнтгeн (ВИДЕО)

New Zealand company Mars Bioimaging has introduced a new technology — three-dimensional x-rays. Thanks to him, in some cases in medical practice will eliminate the need for surgical intervention.

Phil and Anthony Butlers, father and son from the University of Cantenbury, in Christchurch, New Zealand, introduced the world to the invention, which is able to revolutionize medicine.

Three-dimensional x-ray can give a color picture of not only bones but also muscles, fat, fluids, thus significantly simplifies the work with patients. In addition, the invention may in the future help identify cancer cells and brain damage.

Latest technology MedipixЗ chip, created by scientists, enhanced by the settings of the algorithms that can track the different materials through a solid surface such as bone. Previously, such models were already used in the diagnosis of cancer, but the researchers believe that this is not the only thing capable of invention.

The device must pass a series of tests and get the approval of international organizations in order to reach the light. When you sign up for the three-dimensional x-ray is not yet known. While the device is undergoing a long process of testing potential threats and effectiveness.

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