Creepy toilet monster, crawled out of the tub and got on video

2017-10-13 17:46

Creepy toilet monster, crawled out of the tub and got on video
Remember the river spirit from “spirited away” Miyazaki? So, this is exactly the same but without the mask and be real!

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Morning or some other time of the day (history is silent) very quickly ceased to be good for 25-year-old Malaysian photographer Zul Hanif ANIP and of his wife Putri, when of the cozy closet of their fine house on the floor suddenly transformed into a nightmare to tremble, for nothing like SOMETHING disgusting, reports Rus.Media.

When the first wave of terror passed, the witnesses grabbed a trembling hand for the phone and began to remove and examine whom they affectionately named the “toilet monster”. The creature was two meters in length, he has a small head, thick body and short tail.

The description is very similar to a snake, but the guy insists it’s not a snake, and an unknown creature, who grew up in the sewers at select waste and decided to leave home when she was close to the pipes. Version number two: housing Zula and Putri is surrounded by rice fields, so it may well be that the creature crawled out, not from the toilet.

In the video you can perfectly see how a monster in a businesslike looking around and seeking whom he may devour. However, despite the fact that at the time a fabulous phenomena to the Malaysian people in the house, except for adults, the alien is not caught even a defenseless child. Here, says the owner, conclusion: people, this reptile does not eat.

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