Crépeau wants to confirm

Crépeau veut confirmer

Maxime Crépeau was waiting for the season 2020 Major League Soccer forward. Instead, it corrodes currently its brake even if he admits that there is a much worse place than Vancouver to live in confinement.

The guardian of 25 years, only Quebecers to evolve in the MLS not to wear the colors of the Impact, had reason to want to face the new season. After having played only three matches in MLS in five years with the Impact between 2013 and 2017, he played in 26 of the 34 games of the Whitecaps in his first year with the team of British Columbia, 2019.

“It is a year of confirmation for me because I had an opportunity last year with a four-year contract.

“Obviously it’s frustrating because we lost a year, between quotation marks, but we realize the magnitude of the thing (the pandemic) because it is global,” he says. It is something special that we will not live often, I hope. ”

Man of the situation

In 2018, He joined the defunct Ottawa Fury of the USL under a loan of the Impact. He has never handed the sweater blue-white-black.

He took the opportunity to compete in 31 matches, but especially to raise 15 shutouts, which has attracted the attention of Whitecaps.

Crépeau has never stopped believing in him and it is clear that his year in the nation’s capital allowed him to make a full confidence.

“It was not arrogance, I knew very well what I could do on the field. It was just a matter of confidence and play.

“For a goalkeeper, confidence is huge and this is not a cliché to say it. You can be eat raw if your confidence is very low. It should also be just able to express themselves and have fun. ”


When he affixed his name at the bottom of the contract that offered him the Whitecaps, He knew what he was getting into.

The training vancouver initiated a complete reconstruction orchestrated by the head coach of quebec’s Marc Dos Santos, as the guardian of the South Shore well knew.

“It has been a blessing, he acknowledges. The team has had trouble, we had a lot of new players. We now have a good nucleus of players and more quality in the group.

“Yes, the team struggles, but I was the guy who had to do the job. This is the year where I told myself that I was going to hatch. ”


To hatch, it hatched. And, even if the Whitecaps finished last in the Western conference with 37 points, a performance which led them to the second-to-last in MLS.

In spite of everything, He has fashioned a record of 7 wins, 13 losses and 6 draws while collecting 5 white games. He has also finished on the 5th rank among MLS goalkeepers with 114 stops.

“At a certain point in the year, I took things 45 minutes or one game at a time. I concentrated on my game. ”

This is certainly what he did on August 24, when he set a record for the league with a game in which he made 16 stops. There is no doubt that the victory of the Earthquakes of San Jose on the Whitecaps would have been much more scathing than the final score of 3 to 1.

Good start

“The ultimate goal is to build on this momentum and to channel these efforts. I want to continue to tweak my game to make it easier for my teammates who play in front of me. ”

And in the light of what the season 2020 has been able to reveal, He was on track to do exactly what he wanted.

After a defeat of 3 to 1 in the first game of the season in Kansas City, the Whitecaps went on to spoil the debut of Chicharito in whitening the Galaxy of Los Angeles California.

Now, He waits to reconnect with the action and keeps in shape. He admits that the guardians will need time to return to meet up with their reflexes.

“It’s going to take a week, it is sure and certain. It would be a lie to say that we will be ready immediately. All the guardians need to work on skills on a daily basis. “

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