Crimea is not ours: Liya Akhedzhakova spoke sharply about the Russian propaganda

According to the actress, promoter always looks disgusting.

Крим вже не наш: Лія Ахеджакова різко висловилася про російську пропаганду

Soviet and Russian actress, people’s artist of Russia Liya Akhedzhakova said that I’m sure that when in Russia the change of power and occupied Crimea back under Ukraine’s control. About it the actress said in an interview with “Crimea. Realities”, reports Rus.Media.

“I was so hurt when the people who loved me madly, and I always found them with some harmony, and with whom I go on stage, suddenly brutally shouting: “Crimea is ours! Our Russian Crimea!” Me it hurts so bad! Don’t want it to go. I only know that he is no longer ours. And what we got in there, we made our economy great damage, and we at all done that kind of stuff,” said Akhedzhakova.

According to the actress, in order to change Russia’s policy towards Ukraine to the occupied Crimea back under Ukraine’s control, it is necessary to change the whole Russian system.

Akhedzhakova and told about his attitude to the propaganda: “When people are engaged in propaganda, they are in a very disadvantageous position, in a terribly disadvantageous. They lose all the charm, they, first, themselves lying. They like to say that, well, Yes, I think so. But when I have another power, and the Crimea is not ours, he will think, how profitable. Therefore, man is a propagandist always looks disgusting”.

We will remind, on December 19, the UN General Assembly adopted a resolution on human rights violations in the occupied Crimea. The draft resolution, which was introduced at the initiative of the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko, was supported by 70 States.

The foreign Ministry called the resolution a logical and consistent confirmation of the resolve of the international community in support of Ukraine’s territorial integrity, which was first recorded in resolution 68/262, adopted in 2014, and developed in resolutions of the UN General Assembly 71/205 in 2016.

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