“Crimea is Ukraine!” The white house has reacted to the scandalous statement trump (VIDEO)

«Крым – это Украина!» Белый дом отреагировал на скандальное заявление Трампа (ВИДЕО)

The United States will not recognize Russia’s annexation of Crimea and does not withdraw sanctions against the Kremlin until, until the occupiers leave the Ukrainian Peninsula.

This statement was made by speaker of the house Sarah Huckaby during a briefing, reports “Voice of America”.

“We do not recognize the Russian annexation attempt of Crimea. We agreed that our thoughts are with Russia in this matter differ. Our Crimean sanctions against Russia will stay as long as she does not return the Peninsula to Ukraine”, — she said.

We will note, earlier the President of the United States Donald trump, answering the question of whether States recognize Crimea as part of Russia, went from a definite answer, which caused a huge outcry. The American leader said only one word: “Look.”


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