Criminal financing of “public Servants”. Party Zelensky caught in another scandal

Криминальное финансирование «Слуг народа». Партия Зеленского попала в очередной скандал

© RIA Novosti, the stringerthe President’s Party Zelensky “servant of the people” was in the midst of another serious scandal associated with opaque funding: the National Agency for combating corruption (NACP) has published a report according to which of the listed surrogates and firms with dubious reputation.Illegal funding of “public Servants”

From 2016 all party of Ukraine should submit to the National Agency on corruption prevention (NACP) financial reports — how much money received from fees and sponsors, as used, how much is left in the accounts, etc. NACP this information and then checks if it finds a violation, refer the case to the National anti-corruption Bureau (NEB).

According to the Agency, during the parliamentary elections in 2019 the number of candidates “public Servants” used in the documents of residents of small settlements to draw up a dummy Corporation to Finance the election campaign. So, a number of companies “gave” future MPs for 6 thousand dollars, sometimes several tranches in order to avoid financial monitoring. All of them were opened only in March of this year. While these firms had no websites, phone numbers, page in social networks.For example, the company “Yaroslav” advertising, which transferred the Deputy Pro-presidential party of 6.6 million, was completely fake, and its owner, 23 — year-old waiter Yaroslav in Cuzco recently returned from the army. Objectively he simply could not be such huge funds. Mom “millionaire” was Director of a rural club in the village of Cherepyn, and the son after last year he returned from the army, went to Kiev and got a job in a restaurant. Apparently, in the capital, he and I started Dating to those who designed for him a this company. No services this campaign does not provide. The situation is similar with the companies “web traffic” “Web-market company.” All decorated for the inhabitants of villages or small towns, one not previously engaged in business.

The entire party was transferred 95 million from July through September 2019 as donors were made by 30 Ukrainian companies and 15 citizens. Interestingly, 11 out of list of firms of the donors from whom received about 30 million hryvnia, appear in criminal proceedings. The money came from Kiev, Odessa, Cherkassy, Sumy, Mykolaiv, Dnipropetrovsk, Ivano-Frankivsk and Transcarpathian regions.

Five companies that financed “the Servant of the people” mentioned in the same criminal proceedings: “Web Rotor”, “Leonel”, “agri-land”, FG “Akopian” and “Bag-Out” are under suspicion of police of Kiev region. According to investigators, a group of individuals appropriated and legalized someone else’s property through shell companies. In the summer of this year during searches of one of the defendants, the police discovered the print of several dozen companies. Among them, the five companies that sponsored the party of the President. From them she received about 16 million hryvnia (3.3 million hryvnia each). Common among these five companies is that their founders of Kherson, although the enterprises are registered in other cities. In addition, one of the firms did not specify the actual phone number in the registry of the Ministry of justice.

Two donor parties appear in criminal proceedings related to the illegal cashing of funds. This company “Lana-Padova” and “Gifts of Transcarpathia 1979”, which also sent the party on 3.3 million hryvnia. Firm “Vista space” from the Odessa region is under the suspicion of the military Prosecutor beginning in 2018, we are talking about the creation of a criminal organization with the participation of the government, particularly the President, Prime Minister and head of the tax Inspectorate. According to investigators, the officials received income from the tax evasion by enterprises.Another company from the Odessa region — “Codecs”, donated 3.3 million UAH, also from 2018, is a suspect in the fraud. The investigators found that the number of firms unofficially have bought up agricultural products, and then sold it abroad, evading taxes. The above firm is on the list.

Two donor who donated a similar amount, are defendants in criminal proceedings for misappropriation of funds of other private companies: “Beloyl systems”, “Matiola-R” from Ivano-Frankivsk.

For “public Servants” typical was the sale of seats in party lists: as reported by the people’s Deputy Anna Skorokhod, in some districts the cost of “passing places” for the candidates ranged from 300 to 1.5 million dollars.

“If we used to have oligarchic groups were in power, all of which were overcome and all left behind, now we come to the faceless staff of these oligarchic groups,” — said the Deputy.

The accounting scandals with the parties of Poroshenko and Tymoshenko

Note that the “servant of the people” is not the first political force, which is seen in such scandals. Opaque financing, the sale of seats in election lists are a feature of Ukrainian politics. So, last year on similar schemes got the party “Batkivshchyna” Yulia Tymoshenko: according to the investigation of the program “Our money” it was sponsored by the people who work in low-paid jobs, pensioners and the unemployed. In the first and second quarters of last year individuals and firms listed party Yulia Tymoshenko about 23 million UAH, and in the third and fourth more than 130 million. During this period, began active campaigning. Sponsors often could not clearly explain to journalists how they donated and where they have such money. Some of them denied the fact of the payments.So, inhabitants of two villages in the Kirovograd and Odessa areas sacrificed for party needs the greatest amount — more than four million hryvnias. In particular, Natalia Zubar from the village of Zavallia, who works as a cashier in the local supermarket, made payments on 149 thousand UAH every 3, 4, 5, 16 Oct and 22 Oct pay another 130 thousand UAH. In just six months, the woman has financed the “Fatherland” one and a half million hryvnias. Valentine Coracina of Savran has also sponsored the party. She made the same transaction in same date as Zubar. Another UAH 1.2 million in eight equal installments on party account listed son Korchnoi. At that moment the man was looking for a job as a security guard and claimed to pay 8.5 thousand UAH. Such facts recorded in the Kyiv and Sumy. A resident of Alexandria of the Kirovograd area which at the time was collecting money to save his child also allegedly made the payment in the amount of 149 thousand hryvnia in the fourth quarter of 2018. According to the woman, she personally went to the Bank for payment because the representative of “Batkivshchyna” asked her to in exchange for aid.

Itself politician explained above the pressure of the SBU, and then explained that the use of surrogates is needed to protect businessmen who are really behind the donations. In turn, as argued by the investigators, the part of the persons shown in the records of the party in 2016-2017 or transferred smaller amounts, or even nothing is sacrificed. Later, the SBU said that exposed the mesh of bribery of voters, organized by the headquarters of Tymoshenko, but the actual development of this business in the future is not received.

And earlier in the media surfaced details of financing of the party “Block of Petro Poroshenko” (now “European solidarity”). From reports movement “Honestly” it turned out that over 2 years (may 2016 to December 2017) contributions and donations from individuals to the Treasury BPP amounted to almost 6 million, which was a very respectable sum for Ukraine. Of the 650 donors BPP managed to find information about 457 citizens of Ukraine, whose personal information was mentioned in the financial reports of the party. Of this number 146 were teachers of schools of different regions of Ukraine.Most donors that are members of the PPB, as found by investigators, were living in two regions of Ukraine — Kharkiv and Rivne. However, in the course of communication with journalists, it became clear that most of them did not know about it. Although the procedure donors should Deposit funds through Bank or post office.

“Nearly a dozen teachers whom managed to communicate to Exactly, say, gave the BPP headquarters your personal data to operate in territorial and precinct election commissions”, — claimed journalists are “Honest”.

So, the history teacher, Rivne secondary school №27 Valentin Kravchuk explained that his passport details were provided in the MFP, but directly in the electoral process did not participate. In his opinion, this data could get into the financial documents of the party and from other sources, for example, from the city Department of education. He said that “Poroshenko’s party never sponsored and the money is not transferred”.

Investigators noticed that, according to the report debit and credit account of the Rivne branch of the bloc of Petro Poroshenko for the fourth quarter of 2017, dozens of party contributions from different members of the party simultaneously entered in the same second. A similar situation exists with the collection of contributions to the party and in the Kharkiv region. In particular, approximately ten teachers told reporters “Honestly” that the person of the party’s contributions to the BPP did not do and are not themselves members of this party. But the data appeared in the financial statements of the Kharkiv branch of the “Block Poroshenko”.

A record amount of donations for the party Poroshenko was recorded in the Nikolaev area — 1 million 750 thousand hryvnias for 2 years. From the beginning of 2016 to mid-2017 local cell of the BPP led by former Advisor to the President of Ukraine and the Minister of defense Yuri Biryukov. This amount contributed six individuals, three of whom were staff members of the BPP branch in Nikolaev, and two worked in public and charitable organizations related by Biryukov and his PR man Alexander Noynets. For example, the accountant of the Nikolaev branch of the BPP Alexander Kubinec made at the expense of the party of 130 thousand hryvnias. Her monthly salary, according to the statement, is 4.5 thousand, which is almost 30 times less.

Such glaring inconsistencies were of interest to law enforcement because they had been illegally collecting personal data, falsification of donations, which could be used money with illegal origin. However, no serious investigation in connection with the above mentioned facts was carried out.

As for the current ruling party “public Servants”, it is possible to draw an unequivocal conclusion — it copies those vicious practices which existed under the previous Ukrainian authorities. Declared batch of new policy approaches and, in particular, in terms of transparency does not stand the test of reality. Zelensky and Co can’t or don’t want something serious to change in Ukraine, for they are the product of an opaque system based on the violation of the law and corruption.Vitaliy Didenko

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