Crisis of the COVID-19 in NURSING homes: the member Marie Montpetit accuses the government Legault to hold a speech “disconnected”

Revolted by the difficult situation in several NURSING homes, the liberal mp Marie Montpetit has harshly criticized the government Legault on Tuesday, accusing him of speaking “disconnected” from the actual situation on the ground.

“I’m so beautiful squeals of what happens in the last few weeks, especially the past few days,” she thundered at the microphone of Jonathan Trudeau, at QUB radio.

After having lent hand-strong to the CHSLD Berthiaume-du-Tremblay, the former minister of Culture and Communications stated that the situation is far from under control in the network, particularly at the level of protective equipment for staff, who can spend a near miss.

  • LISTEN to the interview of Mary Montpetit on QUB radio:

Member of parliament Maurice-Richard in particular, illustrated his remarks by recalling that a supply of blouses for the CHSLD montreal had squarely been canceled last Thursday by the CIUSS, at the last minute, due to lack of stock.

“This is outrageous, it is negligence, because you put all your employees at risk. You put your residents at risk in NURSING homes. There is a huge, huge disconnect [between what is said by the government and what happens on the field]”, she insisted.

The care facility was finally able to find the equipment, among others thanks to an individual, but the politician stressed that the uncertainty remained within the teams of the residences.

“It is sure that the link of confidence is draining away with the network and the effect of that is to say to the staff: “be careful with the use of the material”, because you don’t know from one day to the other if you’re going to find yourself in the same situation,” said Marie Montpetit.

One thing is for certain, this last refuses to shift the blame to employees for the health crisis that is taking place in NURSING homes.

“There have been gaps in full of ways. I think it would be indecent to go and put the blame on the employees of CHSLD. These people, at the present time, I am so impressed by their dedication”, she said.

In addition, Marie Montpetit said that she will be back at the CHSLD Berthiaume-du-Tremblay, at least until the end of the week, to help the orderlies.

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