Crispy dough for chebureks on the water

Tested recipes.

Хрустке тісто для чебуреків на воді

Crispy dough for pasties — it should be able to mix every self-respecting hostess. We will reveal to you the recipes of delicious and good elastic dough, informs Rus.Media.

Pasties in our country, like all without exception, but, unfortunately, not always satisfied with the taste and quality of this dish is cooked in a cafe and cheburechnaya.

However, so want to see this tortilla with the meat, everything was perfect and juicy, flavorful filling, and delicious, crispy dough for chebureks.

In this article we present you a selection of the best current us recipes for delicious dough for chebureks.

The dough for chebureks on the water

The dough for pasties delicious, crispy, cooked very simply and does not require any special ingredients. Even mixed with the water, it will ensure that your pasties and cold will have a tasty, crunchy crust.

Ingredients :

250 ml of water,

300 grams of flour,

1 tbsp vegetable oil

1 teaspoon of salt.

Make the dough:

• Crispy dough for chebureks is prepared in a deep container in which a first pour water, then add flour with salt and pour oil.

• Mix the dough on pasties for the formation of a viscous mass. Now it needs to be promyat that the dough was strong and elastic. This is easiest to do on the table.

• The working surface be sure to sprinkle with flour, put in it the dough and start to knead with your hands. The dough for pasties need the mint thoroughly, gradually adding the flour.

• As soon as our crispy dough for chebureks longer stick to the hands will be supple and elastic, it needs to be wrapped in plastic wrap and put into the refrigerator. In half an hour you can cook the pasties.

Crispy dough for chebureks on the water

The dough for pasties delicious, crisp, which can be rolled out very thinly and to be confident that it will not break during frying is usually done by boiling water and using eggs.

Хрустке тісто для чебуреків на воді

The crispy dough recipe for chebureks on the water very simple: take 300 ml of water, 600 grams of flour, one egg, a little more than a century. tablespoons vegetable oil, 1 tbsp. spoon of vodka, half a teaspoon of salt.

Choux pastry with vodka for pasties crispy mix as follows:

Take a fairly roomy saucepan, add salt in it and pour the oil in the recipe. Pour the water and bring the mixture to a boil, turn off heat.

In boiling water add gradually two-thirds of the flour, stirring constantly mass wooden spoon. Next is to wait for the crispy dough for the pasties to cool down.

Хрустке тісто для чебуреків на воді

Only cooled to slightly above room temperature, the mass you need to add the vodka and egg. A good knead and let the dough soak up the vodka, proceed to the next stage. The dough for pasties with vodka you need to mash on the table with your hands, gradually powdering him the rest of the flour.

Next, the dough wrapped in cling film and sent in the fridge for 30 minutes. A better — overnight!

This recipe turns out very elastic, tasty and crispy dough on pasties with bubbles. Try it and you will love it!