Crossovers lose their popularity among young people

Кроссоверы теряют популярность среди молодежи

One of the top managers of the American division of Volkswagen believes that is now dominant in the market, the SUV segment will soon lose popularity and he will be replaced by something else.

The younger generation is already beginning to abandon SUVs.

This segment in the near future will meet the same fate as station wagons, minivans and vans — at the time they were “fashionable”, but eventually lost popularity.

Trying to predict the tastes of the next generation is a challenge for a global company like Volkswagen. Because of rising prices for new vehicles increasing attention of the younger generation attracts the secondary market.

Fashion on used cars to manufacturers means one thing — the loss of income. In addition, has been actively developed and modern services, such as car sharing and subscriptions, and it also means that buying a new car young people will be even less.

Some automakers believe that the future of environmentally friendly transport, especially given the involvement of today’s youth in environmental issues and healthy lifestyle.

In addition, developed a model platform for new machines that can install on the already existing platform any body type.

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