Crush and tear the sponge for the flowers! The most soothing and strange trend of spring! VIDEO

You, the real aesthetes! The trend, which in time replaced the fashion to tear and crush barbed wire and broken bottle!

М&#039яти і рвати губки для квітів! Самий заспокійливий і дивний тренд весни! ВІДЕО

From your eyes, of course, did not escape existence in the world is such a funny trend, as ASMR. For those who are still disappeared, explained: it’s getting pleasure shivers throughout the body of the organism, caused by various sudden sound, tactile, taste and other senses: rustling paper, ringing glass, brick battle, the crunch of the bugs on the teeth, etc., etc., reports Rus.Media.

Fresh trend of the season — catching a buzz on floral sponge (or foam) flowers (known popularly pilorami). Turns out there are many those who are happy to trample, crush and maim these things. This fun on the intersection of aesthetics and sadism is dedicated to the largest “Integrame” and YouTube channels of our time!

Looks much first wildly wildly weird and strangely wild, and then even calming and lyrically.

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