Cry from the heart studios training private

Cri du cœur des studios d’entraînement privés

While a portion of the individual sports outside will live the déconfinement Wednesday, and that team sports are lining up to present their respective plans, studios training private also rise the hand to not be forgotten in the mass.

A collection of nearly 150 private studios has been formed, and, on the 24th of April last, an application has been forwarded to both the minister of the Economy and Innovation, Pierre Fitzgibbon, and the national director of Quebec public health, Horacio Arruda.

In this missive, the grouping implore the authorities to allow them to re-open their doors. The objective is also to distinguish between studio training and private gyms to large surface area.

These studios have databases of members smaller, spaces large, a high density of hardware and the training on oa. Such an environment promotes the necessary measures of social distancing, according to the grouping.

“We want to stand out from the large chains, because in the eyes of the public authorities, all gyms can be put in the same basket. From our side, we have control of the volume in a given space,” argued during a telephone conversation the spokesman Mathieu Dumontet, who operates CrossFit CapOp in Montreal.

Several measures

Among other things, the private studios training offer close access to the dressing rooms and showers. They would ask their customers to arrive ready for training.

The outlet temperature would be carried out on arrival at the centre, as well as the cleaning of hands. The hours, the joint surfaces would be disinfected.

“It is suggested that sanitary measures even more elaborate than what the authorities recommend that because our model of training allows already. Nothing would prevent us not to hold classes outside, even if this is not the ideal,” assured Mathieu Dumontet.

The public health directorate has taken note of the application of the combination. It is, however, more of an acknowledgement of reception of a response with respect to the sequence of events.

“Public health recognizes that we are an entity other than the gyms on a large surface, and there is also recognition of the value of our plan déconfinement,” says the spokesperson for the collection.

Precarious Situation

According to the statistics of the grouping features according to different data on the training centres of the world who have opened their doors, only 50% to 60% of regular customers will return to the déconfinement. There is therefore an urgent need to act.

“We are small businesses, but we don’t ask money to the government. We just want to be able to operate. We want to be able to move forward and put a plan in place. We will not be able to hold indefinitely.

“For people who train, it will be good for the morale. It is with a strong immune system as you pass through this virus,” said Mr. Dumontet.


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