CSKA will play real Madrid in the semifinal match of the Euroleague

PHOTO : “the World 24” / Nicholas kostyushin


A few hours remain before the start of the “Final four” of the main basketball tournament of the Old world – Euroleague. The Moscow CSKA will play with Madrid “real”. Commentator of TV channel “MIR 24” Alexander Brieuc will tell who has more chances to win.

To predict a victory impossible. Even the bookmakers odds as teams are absolutely equal. CSKA Moscow in two steps from the eighth title of the strongest teams of Europe. In Spain, the army team will play with defending champion real Madrid.

This meeting experts call a hidden final of the tournament. The decisive stage of the Euroleague is CSKA and real Madrid came in the best form and the winner of this pair with high probability will become the strongest club of the Old world. And the flooring of the arena in Vitoria, the team is perfectly familiar. Here the team and conducted the major games on the way to the Final four.

“Overall, as a team, we are positive. In a game that emotionally there is no problem. Actually, I’m an optimist, so I am confident in our victory today,” says the captain of CSKA Moscow Kyle Hines.

And certainly, CSKA should not be afraid of the Spaniards. In the current Euroleague CSKA only twice against real Madrid. So to come up with something new today, it is the “Galacticos”.

However, in the matches of the Final four CSKA Moscow pursues is the real curse. Over the past 18 years, the army 16 times made it to the final stage of the Euroleague, but to win the tournament was only three times.

The “real” is another trump card – the giant: Walter Tavares. His height is 221 cm. He is head and shoulders above the tall player of CSKA. But why would the army and the third time to defeat the giant?

For the first time these teams met in the Euroleague final back in 1963. And then CSKA in a series of three matches beat the Spaniards.

Add real Madrid and CSKA Moscow – the two most titled club in the history of the Euroleague. The team from Russia while seven wins, while Spanish ten.