Cuba: lack of fuel, old tyres burned to produce energy

Cuba: faute de carburant, les pneus usés brûlés pour produire de l’énergie

HAVANA | The cuban government has commissioned a cement firm of Cienfuegos (center) of burning thousands of tyres in order to produce an “alternative fuel” so that the island suffers from several months of fuel shortages linked to u.s. sanctions.

“The delivery of tires to the company Cementos Cienfuegos will grow exponentially in the next few weeks, according to the direct instruction given by the president of the Republic Miguel Diaz-Canel Bermudez, who visited the site last week, says Monday, the official newspaper Granma.

The island socialist is facing since September, fuel shortages due to the u.s. sanctions against ships loaded with oil from Venezuela, its main supplier of crude oil.

Washington hoped to force Cuba to abandon its support for the government of Nicolas Maduro.

The cuban government has had to implement cost-saving measures, by reducing the frequency of buses and trains, reducing the working hours of some governments and State-owned enterprises or even by focusing on animal traction in agriculture and the transport of certain goods.

According to one of the managers of the plant of Cienfuegos, this last burn now 130 to 150 tires per day, and the goal is to get to 400 tires a day. She hoped in this way to reduce 5% of its oil consumption.