Cul-de-sac, despite six-billion dollars allocated for our seniors

Cul-de-sac malgré six milliards $ alloués pour nos aînés

Is this due to lack of money allocated to NURSING homes and residences for the elderly that we find ourselves today with mouroirs to the COVID-19 ?

Or is it because of poor government management of human and financial resources devoted to the accommodation, care and services to older people ?


One thing is for certain, it would be wrong to accuse the government of François Legault of being stingy toward the services and care available to our seniors, including the most vulnerable of them living in NURSING homes.

The government Legault will allocate this year a budget of expenditures of approximately $ 5.8 billion to ” support the autonomy of older persons “, which includes the programs of accommodation, services and care at home.

This is $ 1.1 billion more than in the last budget (2018-19) in the previous government of Philippe Couillard. So we speak here of a strong increase of 23 % in two years.

It should be noted that this increase of $ 1.1 billion in just two budgets the minister of Finance, Eric Girard, is equivalent to the increase of the expenditure that the previous government Couillard has allocated to seniors in the five budgets of his minister Carlos Leitao.


François Legault found that it has not done enough. Despite significant increases in budgets in NURSING homes, many of the jobs that have been posted, but have not been filled.

“We returned in the crisis, poorly equipped, and, of course, the situation has deteriorated for all sorts of reasons,” added Mr. Legault. The virus has entered, it is rendered to 1800 people, which are absent in NURSING homes, so it adds to the problem that we already had to fill positions before the crisis. “

“That is what I would have done differently over the last few months, since a year and a half that I am prime minister ?” he asked.

“Today,” he says, I confess, then I take full responsibility, I think that if it was to do over again, would have required that I increase more quickly the wages of orderlies, even without the agreement of the trade unions. “

According to him, it was not necessary to wait that all collective agreements in the public and broader public sector will end on 31 march to launch negotiations for a wage increase of orderlies.

On 2 April last, the government Legault is past, the acts of releasing a sum of $ 287 million to increase 8 % the salaries of the “guardian angels” who work in emergency rooms, intensive care in the clinics and in the centers of accommodation and long-term care (CHSLD).

But the damage was done.


Importantly, under the reign of Philippe Couillard. For the purpose of consolidating public finances, Québec has lived in an era of austerity in the first three budgets of this liberal government.

The expenditures made by the network of health and social services accommodation, care and services for older people have increased during these three years of $ 283 million, including $ 194 million for the entire program “accommodations” in a CHSLD and $ 89 million for the program of care and services.

The government of dr. Couillard has corrected this in the following budgets by injecting 490 million $ more in these essential services to our seniors.

In the five budgets under the reign of the government Couillard, so it is 773 million $ more that have been entrusted to the ex-minister of Health and social Services Gaétan Barrette, to ensure that it meets the needs of seniors accommodation, care and services related to health.

Is this a lot ? Please be aware that during these five budgets of the reign liberal, the government of Quebec has managed to accumulate a budget surplus for a total amount of 21 billion dollars.

We can agree that the government Couillard had the financial means to invest more in hosting our seniors are the most vulnerable. But it has not done so.


Benefiting from the enormous surpluses accumulated under Couillard, François Legault was judged to be good to him, to substantially increase government spending for the well-being of seniors.

In the space of two budgets, the minister of Health and social Services Danielle McCann is going to inject $ 1 billion more in the programs of “Accommodation” and “home Support” for seniors.

Unfortunately, these additional investments could not alone serve as a shield against the attack of the COVID-19 in NURSING homes and other residences for the elderly.


People aged 70 years and older represent the vast majority of the victims of the COVID-19.

NURSING homes and residences for older people have become mouroirs. There is clearly a serious problem in the management of human and financial resources in the québec network of health and social services.

Only through the establishment of a commission of public inquiry into the catastrophic situation in which is immersed the accommodation of our elders will one day enlighten us on the true causes of this sad part of the history of Quebec.


  • Lodging CHSLD (public, private : 3,28 billion $
  • Care and in-home services : 1.66 billion $
  • Tax credit for home support : 617 million $
  • Tax credit for caregivers : $78 million
  • Tax credit for the support of the elders : $106 million
  • Improvement of the condition of the elderly : $35 million
  • Installation of sprinklers in private seniors ‘ residences : $28 million
  • Various credits (purchase of goods, activities and municipal taxes) : $6 million
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