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    Yves Leclerc

    Saturday, 12 August 2017 06:00

    Saturday, 12 August 2017 06:00

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    The small municipality of Saint-Jean-Port-Joli will play again the songs of seamen, with its 19th edition that will feature Kevin Parent, The North Wind, Danny Boudreau, and the honorary president Michel Faubert, who will pay tribute to the St-Lawrence river.

    From 16 to 20 August under the theme one ocean to the other, the Feast of the songs of the sailors will present a musical journey through pan-canadian, which will bring together artists from Quebec, Gaspésie, Îles-de-la-Madeleine, New Brunswick, Vancouver and an aboriginal presence with the duo of Twin Flames.

    The Feast of the songs of sailors, ” explains the spokesman and honorary chairman Michel Faubert, is a mixture of celebration, maritime culture,, music, songs and dance and stories.

    “There’s the next party, the next sung, and the music and there are also the history and stories that revolve around the river. It is like a kind of mosaic on everything that has to do with the maritime world, whether in history, in imagination, in the feast, ” he said, in an interview.


    Danny Boudreau


    Michel Faubert like the idea that we find, in the framework of this event, people come by to talk about the seabed, diving, archaeology, and of the islands of the St. Lawrence. People who have sailed on the water and who come to talk about their love for the river.

    “It is a way to honor and speak of the Saint-Laurent which is so dear to us and which we must take care,” he added, noting that the event is held in a place completely magical, where it smells like the river.

    Tales and songs

    Michel Faubert will, 19 August, at the Museum of the living memory, a conference-told and sung, entitled Seas and mountains.

    “I’m going to sing songs that I’ve collected in my collected. Of the ancient songs that have come through the oral tradition, and who speak of the sea, of the great crossing and the river “, he mentioned.

    A show, which he turns occasionally, under the name of the song of The silence, but which will be called Seas and mountains.

    Photo courtesy

    Kevin Parent


    “It allows me to talk about the people that I have known and who I have opened their book to the treasures of songs and tales. I do this often without a microphone, I’m close to people and it allows me to tell full stories and sing a capella, ” he explained.

    The storyteller and spokesperson explains that the artists participating in The festival songs of sailors select their repertoire, choosing pieces that have a place with the river, the sea and the marine thing.

    One will also find, among other proposals, Before the Mast, St-John, New-Brunswick, who will present songs that give rhythm to the labourers on the boats, and the spectacle of dancing Jellyfish, which will feature three dancers, at daybreak, on the 20th of August, on the edge of the river, under the direction of choreographer Chantal Caron.

    The Feast of shanties is taking place from 16 to 20 August in Saint-Jean-Port-Joli. All the details are online at the address

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