Cumhuriyet: channel “Istanbul” is the next step USA to settle in the Black sea

Cumhuriyet: канал «Стамбул» — очередной шаг США обосноваться в Черном море

One of the most important goals of the United States to settle in the Black sea. And this prevents the Montreux Convention of 1936.This document limits the presence in the Black sea of warships of non-regional States by tonnage (45 thousand tons) and the term (not exceeding 21 days).In short, the Montreux Convention is a guarantee of security of the Black sea, and this agreement, Turkey and the Soviet Union actually closed the Black sea to the Western imperialist countries. Yes, so closed that even during the cold war, the United States could not convince Turkey to circumvent Convention!Four moves US into the Black seaof the US, which after the collapse of the USSR took the splinter from his state in the Western camp and continued to surround Russia, at the same time, tried to implement its plan to deploy in the Black sea.The first move of the United States was making in the Atlantic the camp of the States of the Western part of the black sea. In 2004, Bulgaria and Romania became members of NATO, and in 2007, the EU member States. Since then, the increasing US military power in these countries.His second course, the United States tried to breach through the Caucasus and to enter the Black sea from the East. In the orange revolution in Georgia in 2004 to power in this country came from Pro-Western politician Saakashvili, and launched the process of Georgia into NATO. Ossetians objected to the capitulation of the West, and when Saakashvili tried to stop their attempt to gain independence, Putin’s Russia has carried out military intervention. Saakashvili fled, Georgian membership in NATO lay in the drawer, and the second course of the U.S. economy.The third course in the Black sea the US has done in the North, through Ukraine. Putin has taken control and separating the Crimea from Ukraine, prevented US to follow through. Ukraine’s membership in NATO, too, has been postponed for an indefinite period.And now the channel “Istanbul” (project of a ship canal from the Marmara sea to the Black sea — approx. TRANS.) , de facto, will become the fourth course of the US in an attempt to settle in the Black sea!Channel Istanbul will allow you to circumvent the Montreux Convention, which restricts the passage of American ships through the Straits of Bosporus and Dardanelles, and by not allowing them to be in the Black sea more than 21 days. Besides will do it himself, the Turkish government!USA more all against the Montreux ConventionCircumvention of the Montreux Convention is a possibility that Washington has long sought and could not find. Over the years, the United States failed to achieve a change in some provisions of the Convention in their own interests, and using channel “Istanbul” they will get the chance at all to get rid of this document!The Montreux Convention was concluded for a period of 20 years and had to come to an end in 1956. But this is one of the signatories, was to declare the desire to terminate it. As the Convention makes the Black sea a regional sea and closes it for non-regional States, to date no state signatory was not trying to terminate the document.For this reason, the United States strove to enter the Black sea on the basis of the idea that this sea is “international waters”. But Turkey is also opposed to this thesis. So, the former chief of the General staff, army General Ilker başbuğ (Ilker Başbuğ) once put the point in this matter: “the Black sea is the question of the black sea countries”.Erdogan has invited NATO in the Black seaIn recent years, the United States is doing some of the moves in the Black sea through NATO. Moreover, the political framework for these moves was the call sounded by Erdogan, NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg in 2016: “no one else in the Black sea. The black sea is almost turning into a Russian lake. We must make the Black sea a sea of stability” (11.05.2016).At the NATO summit in Warsaw on 8-9 July 2016, a decision was taken on building up NATO presence in the Black sea. In the final communiqué it was noted that Russia’s military presence in the Black sea poses a risk to allies and other countries.Then, in the document “NATO: ready for the future”, which is the signature of the Secretary-General of NATO Stoltenberg, it was announced that the naval forces of the NATO will strengthen its presence in the Black sea in 2018 and 2019, and will increase the period of stay in its waters up to 120 days per year.And in April 2019, NATO has identified the Black sea as an “arena of struggle”.Public suicideis seen As initiated by the Party of justice and development of Turkey, the project of canal Istanbul allows US easily to achieve the objectives over which they fight for many years, to anchor in the Black sea.If the United States, which in the Eastern Mediterranean create anti-Turkish front, and to the South a “terrorist corridor” against Turkey, this time settled in the North of the Black sea, and thanks to the AKP government, it will be a real “state suicide”!Turkey cannot allow that!

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