Cunning clever wife, which the husband himself did not want to leave

Хитрости умной жены, от которой муж сам не захочет уходить

Most importantly, you need to understand and accept a woman is something that no man will be Twitter, will not be opened to admire the flowers and birds will not be 24 hours a day enjoy home coziness and communication with you, children. Therefore, ask men impossible.

Take responsibility for the family, because 90% depends on how the rest of the marriage, what will be the climate in the family.

1. Education of the senses

Be sweet, even if her husband meets the same – he still notices your attitude. Many women suffer from a lack of attention from her husband. And when the family has a child, entirely switch to it. Avoid this serious error. Yes, men are more rough by nature. Yes, they often do not know how, too shy to be affectionate.

But even if a man is clumsy in his feelings, you don’t have to deliberately carry the tenderness of a child. It will have jealousy, bitterness, callousness. And it will go to another for affection, because in life she needed him, too. Be soft, gentle, careful and gradually let him down to the mutual expression of feelings.

Хитрости умной жены, от которой муж сам не захочет уходить

Say that you kissed me, and I cheered up. Here have you noticed how I have a wonderful blouse, and I feel like the luckiest of women. He said it in passing, and you still praise. Such provocations, in a good way, very useful. They have no edification, from which men cringe. They give sense to my husband that he is not destined to a secondary role after the baby is born.

2. No weights and negativity

Make sure your appearance and primarily for the emotional and physical health. If you are constantly tired, angry, bad complexion, bad hair, a mannish gait you provided. If you are “discharged” in the family scandals, it will certainly fail the stomach or the heart. So watch yourself, do not let the will of negative emotions. And find time and money to maintain their vitality.

Never carry heavy objects, so as not to deform the figure much lower or twisted shoulders. This can always gently ask, “Honey, I know where to buy it, but without you nothing I can do.” Mind you, not “you should”, not “you must”, and without you, I’m strong, can not cope. Need to favorite everything, whatever you ask, I have done with pride, not a slave. All that is forced will never bring a good emotional result neither my husband nor you. And therefore the health does not add.

Want to maintain good relations with the second half, then as little as possible to find out them.

3. Honey, I’ve been waiting for you…

“Honey, I’ve waited so long, because I can not afford to do it.” Of course, he will apologize and will comply with your request, despite the fatigue. But if you are at the verge of hysterics: “you Always come home late and I have to do everything itself”, – it causes irritation, disgust, anger response. He is either rude to you or turns away. Do you think that he is indifferent selfish. Nothing of the sort. He was upset with how you met him.

In such situations it is necessary to take itself in hands and, at least at first to get around the wife – to feed, to rest, and then talk about the right things. But not with resentment and anger, and asking: what do you think, what do you think?

4. I am responsible for everything!

Never put yourself in a strong position, responsible for everything — it is the death of the family, and for you.

At first he would resist, then he will, and then you won’t be his woman. The woman attractive to men as a life partner for which he is responsible. Leave him the male role, not kick the ground from under his feet. And then, all marital disputes can settle, can be something to negotiate, especially if you try and show tenderness, tact.

But if you allow me to Express all that I am, and even in the heat said too much, said some fateful words, men are told you will sit inside a pain. For them especially painful sex. Should a woman only hint of malice that he sexually uninteresting, for him it will be an open wound that he can even commit treason.

5. Who can be stubborn

Stubbornness can ruin in the marital relationship a lot. Quick-tempered and stubborn man is a very common and very difficult option. And to bypass it it is necessary from the rear – directly it will not work. It is always necessary to use in difficult situations such statements: “you’re absolutely right, but maybe do a little differently”, “I remember you telling me that so-and-so, I think so too”. When a man think in unison, it softens it. When you say, “no, I’ll do it differently” – is it hardens.

The more often situations arise in which you insist on, the worse for the marital relationship. A woman should dose their own stubbornness and in any case not to do it out of spite. Let the man is always the head of the family. Unfortunately, today it is very easy to break this advantage is complex and unpredictable. So if you, say, earn more, do not include this credit. Not hurt, not wound her husband this.

Try tactfully to smooth over the situation: “Honey, it’s not your fault, it’s just a stroke of fate. You’re the smartest, most knowledgeable, most experienced. And I was just lucky”. And emphasize male function husband he cottage building, and behind the car followed, and the furniture itself was designed.

Woman as a barometer of greatest sensitivity to everything that is happening in the family.And your home policy, you have to build and aligning it with how your husband is satisfied with himself and you

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