Customs clearance “probleh”: 11 days of grace period ends

In front of the cordon to enter Ukraine from Poland, the queue of passenger cars reach 15 kilometers.

Розмитнення "євроблях": за 11 днів закінчується пільговий період

22 February in Ukraine over the duration of the so-called preferential customs clearance of vehicles in the European rooms, under which there is a 50% discount in case of payment of excise duty. After that all motorists will have to pay this tax at the full rate. And after three months drivers uncleared “probleh” expect draconian penalties. However, apparently, it not strongly encourages users of such vehicles, informs Rus.Media.

Until February 22, just over a week and the fact that almost all the places, which formed a queue for customs clearance of cars, overcrowded. In front of the cordon to enter Ukraine from Poland, the queue of passenger cars that their owners want to clear, reach 15 kilometers. Waiting time – a few days.

Some companies that are engaged in complex customs clearance of vehicles, said that up to February 25 will not be accepting new applications for the preparation of documents for customs. Customs broker, working independently, also did not promise to “fit” in the queue before the end of the grace period for payment of excise duty.

Customs and service centers operate at the limit of their capacity. A few posts of customs clearance translated into clock mode, and STS in private, where there is the greatest influx of cars, will work in a usual weekend.

The number of customs cleared vehicles per day is now almost 4 thousand. And in the first week of the new rules of customs clearance units in the first week of customs clearance was conducted only for the 222 “probleh”.

What to do next? many will ask the owners of “probleh” and those who would like to drive a car from abroad in the mode of direct import.

The first option is to wait until 23 February, and when (or if) the queue for customs clearance will decrease, to go and design a car with complete excise. Taxes will increase (assuming the average size of the cost of customs clearance of 2600 dollars) for at least 500 “conditional”.

The second option is bill No. 9522, which can extend the grace period of reduced excise duty for 3 months. However 3 months this will not be able to do this because the nearest plenary week in the Verkhovna Rada will begin on 28 February, that is, potentially there are chances of more than 2 months. And this is assuming that MPs will support this bill, and it is still pending in the relevant committees of the Parliament.