customs controls have resumed for passengers on trains from London

    customs controls have resumed for passengers on trains from London

    “Your papers please.” Eurostar passengers from London carried out the first customs checks on goods, Friday, January 1, on the platforms of the North Station. This is a direct consequence of the definitive entry into force of Brexit at midnight.

    The trade agreement concluded in extremis between London and Brussels does not provide for any quota or customs duties and avoids a devastating “no deal”, but the upheaval is real. Gone is the free movement of goods and people to cross the border unimpeded – except between Spain and the British enclave of Gibraltar, as well as between Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland.

    Travelers arriving from the UK may be subject, for example, to quantity checks on alcohol and tobacco and value checks for other goods. “In the first days of Brexit, there will be a lot of pedagogy, of explanations”, explains Jean-#Roald L’Hermitte, interregional director of customs in Ile-de-#France. “These checks will not cause a major slowdown in flows, as they will not target every traveler.”

    We will gradually accustom travelers to these services and controls.

    Jean-#Roald L’Hermite

    to the AFP

    Clearly, meat is now prohibited in luggage, as is milk and dairy products, with a few exceptions. Flowers, fruits, vegetables and plants will be subject to phytosanitary control upon entering the EU.

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