“Cut off” Russia telephone with Ukraine?

"Отрубит" ли Россия телефонную связь с Украиной?

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Commenting on another mediabar in a glass of water, press Secretary of the President of Russia Dmitry Peskov saidthat “no one has any country not “chops”.The occasion was loud inside media about what’s in the depths of the Russian governmental structures and intelligence measures designed to strengthen the fight against telephone terrorism. Work is being done on behalf of the Russian security Council, and by the end of the current year must be presented with specific proposals for amending the legislation.The greatest resonance was caused by the alleged experts are discussing the idea of blocking at the request of the FSB connection to the country where receiving calls with false reports of terrorist attacks, for up to 180 days. Moreover, according to insiders, it is still not clear whether we are talking just about voice and SMS, and Internet traffic.Although the Kremlin denied this (though with distinct clause “until”), the fact that ongoing work is not questioned. The reasons are obvious.Two years ago, on 9 September 2017, Russia’s first encounter with an organized barrage of false messages about the mining. The very first wave of telephone terrorism, according to the FSB Director Alexander Bortnikov, caused damage in 300 million roubles.Since then, regular (every few months) massive telephone attack with dozens of simultaneous calls become a regular part of life. Only in Moscow received more than 600 relevant messages. All of Russia was evacuated about two million people from thousands of institutions, stations, shopping malls and other public places. The sum of the caused government and business damage amounts to billions of rubles.Last year law enforcement agencies opened about 1.3 thousand criminal cases under the relevant article of the Criminal code, but the detentions were not reported. The competent authorities do not hide that they faced serious difficulties, as calls are made from abroad, and criminals use a variety of technical solutions for covering up traces.
However, the main problem is that the attackers are from abroad. This files most often mentioned Ukraine. Moreover, the representatives of Kiev themselves admit the existence of their this phenomenon. For example, the odious politician Anton Gerashchenko, the initiator of the “Peacemaker” and later Deputy Minister of internal Affairs, said that the country is “very well developed” telephone terrorism because of a “confrontation with the Russian Federation” and that the Ukrainians are often “undermine” objects on the territory of the “aggressor”. However, the blame he laid again in Moscow, seeing what is happening just a response to allegedly similar actions of the Russians in the Ukraine (?).Given the current relations between the two countries, as well as the state of the state of the neighbors, to rely on the adequacy of Kiev and his help in solving the problem of Russia is not necessary. On the contrary, there is a wide field for speculation to the extent to which telephone terrorists (terrorists — without any quotes) acting with the knowledge and under the auspices of the Ukrainian authorities.In such a situation, only a matter of time when Russia will collapse a new wave of calls, which may require simultaneous checking by the intelligence services of dozens of objects and the evacuation of many thousands of people, including pupils of nursery and bedridden hospital patients. This, of course, unacceptable. So, it is necessary and inevitable measures that will make it possible to reverse the situation. Which, incidentally, also explicitly stated Sands.
Insider about the possible overlap of telephone and Internet communications with the country, serving as a source of telephone terrorism, caused a very strong reaction among the domestic opposition to the public. It was quite fit to approach Moscow last years, often applies to the solution of the most difficult foreign policy problems, and which has already proven effective.It’s about the fact that the Russian government ready for tough steps that guarantee to the other hand is very serious losses, including from a strategic perspective, to force the to change their position.Introduction in the summer of 2014 the food embargo has caused shock in Europe and became one of the most important signals that made the West finally realize that Russia is to break will fail. In the end, gradually started turning, now led to the full restoration of cooperation.For almost six months, between Russia and Georgia suspended air service. Recovery prospects are vague, but the Georgian side is clearly trying to take steps to remedy the situation — the loss of the lion’s share of our visitors is extremely painful for the national economy.
In these (and other) cases in Russia began not too wide, but very loud hysteria about the bitter fate of the Russians, whose country brings their interests and benefit of the sacrifice of sovereign ambitions. The disappearance from the shelves of domestic Parmesan and other European cheeses have spawned a journalistic genre that is still alive, though that loss has long been replaced. Then sounded a loud cry for the all inclusive, fallen victim to “the Syrian adventures of the Kremlin.” Well, this summer, heard sob stories about doom more cheap vacation in Georgia with her amazing cuisine.Insider about the possible overlap of telephone and Internet communications with the whole country, where is the telephone terrorist attack on Russia, has naturally caused a similar reaction and cries steadily descending iron curtain.There could lot to say about the brutal laws of world politics that is intolerant of weakness, and anti-Russian propaganda, which is deliberately subversive activities within our society.However, more interesting seems to a different aspect of what is happening. Indignant citizens are quite sincere in his dissatisfaction with the Russian government that policy decisions deprives them of tasty cheese and delicious cheap inexpensive vacation, and is still fighting terrorism methods, delivering them personally uncomfortable.
They really don’t see a problem in the offensive and even openly threatening attacks in the address, if they are not directly personal, and a little more indirect — in the form of attacks on the country and the people to which they belong.They really believe that it is easier to wipe, and stand firmly on the position that nothing can be done, and is not necessary, so just let it go. And so in no event it is impossible to repel the aggression. Because it is easier and less painful at the moment.Although it would seem, experience and common sense should tell you that if you respond in this way, it quickly rolls down an inclined plane. Any effective response to emerging problems, protection from his attacks always requires notorious and so popular in those intellectual-opposition circles — out of comfort zone. Limitations, difficulties, and sometimes pain and fear.No matter whether justified in the end, the insides of journalists concerning the blocking of telephone connection with the whole countries in the fight against telephone terrorism. In any case, those or other measures will be taken, because the problem is too sharp and urgent to ignore. And absolutely we can say that such measures would entail for some of the Russians some discomfort, although not as significant as for those against whom they are directed.And, you can be sure to declare that the state’s decisions with understanding will take a large part of Russian society, just because some things, such as self-esteem and security, they are valued much higher.Irina Alksnis

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