Cuts reported for Apple App Store, iTunes, Apple Music

Cuts reported for Apple App Store, iTunes, Apple Music0

Source: Adam Oram / iMore

Apple Music, iTunes and App Store users report problems using the service, according to DownDetector and Twitter.

As you can see from DownDetector users, there is a huge increase in users reporting outages in iTunes, App Store, and Apple Music starting Saturday afternoon around 1pm ET:

Searches of the three services on Twitter also indicate that users are experiencing problems. Apple has confirmed on its system status page that the iTunes store and the App Store are down, noting that both services may be slow or unavailable for some users.

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Interestingly, Apple just resolved the outages in the App Store and iTunes, as well as Apple Pay, on Friday. There was a major outage on Snapchat on Thursday, and some Apple services were affected as well, based on that report:

If you are having trouble with Snapchat right now, you can relax. You are definitely not alone.

According to Down Detector, more than 70,000 Snapchat users have already reported an app outage on the night of Thursday, July 29 (at the time of writing).

It is currently unclear if all users are experiencing the same or potentially different problems accessing or using the app. It’s also unclear exactly what the problem is that affects so many people right now. Snapchat has also failed to acknowledge or provide information on a solution to the problem. It seems that the problem is not related only to Snapchat. DownDetector users report problems with various services, including the App Store, Apple Store, Twitter, and Instagram.

If there are ongoing issues at Apple, there is nothing we can do except wait until the services are back online.