Cyber-espionage: Canada is better than Russia?

Cyber-espionnage: le Canada mieux que la Russie?

The media have made great state these last days of cyber-attacks Russian against labs canadians who develop vaccines against the coronavirus. The alert was sounded by the communications security establishment (CSE), the security organ, and spying power of the government of Canada.

Guess what? The Canada book, also to this kind of activity that he denounces when he believes in to be the victim. The TSA has to resort to aggressive tactics to attack, sabotage and infiltrate computer systems and has an arsenal of cyberarmes able to steal data, alter surreptitiously and destroy strategic infrastructure of the opponents. He stole information and entering into computer networks foreign.

It would, therefore, like Russia! This is very serious I hear you say and you are going to ask to see written evidence from trusted sources this is true.

These information on the offensive capabilities of the CST are shown in a number of documents “top secret” released in 2015 by the CBC from the website The Intercept, which has the documents of the whistleblower Edward Snowden. Former contractor of the NSA, the american equivalent of the CST, he has fled to Moscow with a USB key containing hundreds of thousands of secret documents from the spy network electronic world “Five Eyes” in which Canada participates with the United States, Great Britain, Australia and New Zealand.

A document of the CSE, dated 2011, as you can see

indicates that it may take control of or destroy the infrastructure of the opponent, including electricity, transport and financial systems, and banking. It can also insert malicious software onto their computers to steal their data. See the page entitled “Cyber Activity Spectrum”.

According to another document ultra-secret NSA, dated of 2013, Canada is seen as an important player in the operations of piracy in the world. The NSA and the CSE are working together to access and use information from a variety of targets in Europe, Mexico, the Middle East and North Africa.

The TSA has to resort to “tactics of deception” as one of the “honey-pot” where a bait is posted online (sex, gambling, etc) in order to attract the targets for which we know the weaknesses in order to be able to hack or monitor. The CST is in close coordination with the canadian Security Intelligence that is allowed to disrupt the activities of organization and individuals that constitute threats to the security of Canada at home and abroad. The CSE provides technical assistance in surveillance and infiltration of mobile phones and computers. Other leaks from Snowden have revealed that the CSE uses the malware is highly sophisticated WARRIORPRIDE to target smart phones.

The CST has the means to disrupt the online traffic by techniques such as the deletion of e-mails, the gel in Internet connections, the blocking of websites and the redirection of transfers, electronic banking, while leaving clues that they are hackers and opponents who are the authors (operations as “False-flag”). The body of electronic attack canada also has a network of computers of front panel – called a botnet – to conceal its operations.

The CSE has refused to answer questions as to whether it uses all of these techniques, malicious, citing the law on the protection of information relating to State secrets canadians that prevents them from commenting on such classified matters.

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