Cyclists and runners monitored closely

    Dozens of employees of Industrial Alliance have cycled for the cause Saturday. They will continue their work until Sunday afternoon, 14 h.

    Roby St-Gelais

    Saturday, 12 August, 2017 22:30

    Saturday, 12 August, 2017 22:30

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    The 190 participants in the challenge of the 24 hours of Lac-Beauport were able to see the presence of intruders through the course during the 12th edition of which took off on Saturday afternoon. For the first time since the creation of the event, safety and advice that accompanied the bikers during the good action.

    Now in the world of cycling in québec for twenty years, in the organization of events and in the supervision of platoon, Gran Fondo Eco has offered its expertise to the participants who have decided to take the challenge on their mount, at the initiative of the organizers.

    “Cycling is a universe quite young in Quebec, and people think that it is enough to climb on his bike and pedaling, but it is much more,” observes the president of Gran Fondo Eco, Luc Beaudet. We are here to give advice, for security, and to mitigate the defects of the people. “

    The presence across the path of 7.5 km of specialists in the field is all the more crucial in an appointment of endurance as that of Lac-Beauport, while some philanthropists a day are accustomed to pushing their body to this point. It must be said that only five brave had the intention, when the start was given under the provisions of 14 h, to be active during the whole event.

    “People are sometimes poor posture on their bike and they have pain because they are tight,” says Mr. Beaudet, surprised by the receptivity of the participants to adopt good techniques. The top of the body is sought. In addition, it is important that you mill it, especially here, as it lasts for 24 hours.

    Motivated by the gang from the office

    After being dragged out of the ear in the past 12 months by his colleagues, Annie Fillion has given his first strokes of the pedal to the 24 hours of Lac-Beauport, Saturday. Motivated by the desire to move more regularly, it can be used at Industrial Alliance had the intention to complete 12 laps of the lake.

    “My employers have impelled me to come, so here I am ! It is for a good cause and it was in the course of my fitness. I have already done a lot of sport and I tried to train before, but this is not obvious with my work schedule and family, ” pointed out the woman’s 43-year-old.

    What impresses him the most in this event unusual ? “The mood,” she answered without hesitation. We do not know each other, and we encourage all. It’s fun with all the bikers and walkers. There is a beautiful brotherhood. “


    Though he could not quantify the amount that will be paid to the children’s wish Foundation, the Fondation québécoise du cancer, the Fondation Cité Joie Foundation and the Rotary Québec-Charlesbourg, the organizer, Philippe Canac-Marquis was already talking about a record sum of over $ 101 to $ 500. In total, 190 participants took the start, in addition to the many walkers on a tour that could run for $ 25 at any time.

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