“Dad, I was wrong”: Spain undertook homeopaths

«Папа, я ошибся»: Испания взялась за гомеопатов

The Spanish government toughens measures against alternative medicine in the country will spread scientific information on methods, the experts in this field will be expelled from medical institutions and universities will cease to be trained for alternative occupations. Of the Ministers of health and science made a loud deaths of people who made a choice in favor of alternative medicine.

The Spanish government has declared war on alternative medicine such as homeopathy and acupuncture. The Ministers of science and health has developed a plan to exclude such practices from the medical centers, according to Spanish newspaper El País. According to the Minister of education Isabel Zelaya, the purpose of this step is to protect the citizens of the country.

The plan aims to “avoid the potentially harmful effects of” alternative practices “when they are used as an alternative or Supplement to treatment”, methods of which should be “strictly scientific,” reads the government statement.

Examples of the specified alternative medicine including homeopathy, aromatherapy and acupuncture. Hit the “black list” and Freud’s psychoanalysis — despite its popularity, to date there is insufficient evidence of its effectiveness, but there are other methods of treatment of mental disorders, medication and psychotherapy, can help the patient much faster.

“Many people still believe that some treatments work, despite the lack of evidence,” the document says. So, according to the poll of 2016, “59,8% of the population believe that acupuncture has therapeutic properties, and 52.7 per cent believe that homeopathic medicines work,” reads the plan.

Besides the fact that alternative medicine does not work, its methods “adversely affect the health, leading to chronic course of the disease, causing new or even increasing the risk of death,” reads the text of the document. According to the Minister, it is due to the fact that patients are late to seek qualified medical aid, which reduces its efficiency, if not abandon it.

According to the government programme, Spain will be actively disseminated scientific information about pseudomedical methods of treatment and their danger. The authorities will deal with is non-traditional treatment methods and are going to save medical institutions from those who practiced them. It is planned that the result of all activities in the field of health care in the country will be done only by certified professionals.

“Public and private enterprises, which practiced pseudomedicine will not be able to call themselves medical centers, — stressed the Minister of health Maria Luisa Karsedo. — Their presence creates the impression that pseudomedical practices have a therapeutic effect. The first thing we must do is to show that it is not.”

Special fee check Spanish universities to identify cases of issuing certificates to specialists in alternative medicine.

Recently experts in the field of health and science has provided active pressure on the Ministry of health for action after several high-profile deaths. In one of these cases was the Spanish Association for the protection of patients from pseudo-scientific therapy, the 21-year-old Mario Rodriguez died from leukemia — he refused the prescribed by doctors treatment, believing naturopath, who promised to cure the disease vitamins.

“Dad, I was wrong,” said he to his father before he died.

Father Rodriguez has sued naturopath and won — the court ruled that he should be held accountable for what brought the patient to the misconception that cancer can be cured thanks to his recommendations.

These and other deaths, which could have been saved, turn it to a real doctor, made 400 Spanish scientists to sign an open letter addressed to the government.

“Let it be clear: pseudoscience kills — it began. In some cases, such as with Mario Rodriguez, we are dealing with people who are not doctors, but work in medical centers that violate the laws of health. In other cases, such as with Rosa Morillo, they are licensed specialists that are known medical associations; the latter allow these professionals to continue to mislead seriously ill patients, in the best case leads to deception, and at worst — death.”

The danger of alternative methods in cancer therapy have clearly shown the study 2018 — oncologists found that the failure of normal treatment in favor of alternative practices twice reduces five-year survival with cancer.

As it turned out, among those who resorted to alternative methods, ranging from chemotherapy refused 34% of patients from radiotherapy — 53%, surgery — 7%.

“The fact that the use of alternative medicine is associated with rejection of treatment methods with proven efficacy and an increased risk of death, should be for patients and doctors a reason to think, — said the oncologist, Skyler Johnson. — Unfortunately, it’s all in the attitude to the role of alternative therapy. It can be used to relieve complications of cancer treatment, but many perceive her as an effective method of treatment too.”