Daily Express: Russia’s response to NATO bases

Daily Express: ответ России на размещение баз НАТО

“We are a big country, we are a nuclear country, and the desire to poke NATO bases in our immediate environment does not can we cause positive emotions. We always answered it and we will reply politically, and militarily,” said Prime Minister of Russia Dmitry Medvedev in an interview with Serbian newspaper “Evening news”.He advised NATO to think twice before accepting the membership of new members: “All attempts to tighten the NATO countries in which there are internal contradictions, which are extremely dangerous. You are talking about Bosnia and Herzegovina, the Republika Srpska, but we can call other countries. What’s happening with Georgia? What’s going on with Ukraine? These countries are not the simplest situation.”NATO — the North Atlantic Treaty Organization is a military Alliance, which currently comprises 29 countries. It was established in 1949 and consists the United States and the United Kingdom. Bosnia and Herzegovina, Georgia, North of Macedonia and Ukraine are the countries which aspire to NATO membership. Between Russia and Georgia broke out a short war in 2008. Russian troops intervene in the situation in Ukraine over the last five years. Bosnia and Herzegovina was split into two States: the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina, where live mostly Bosniaks and Croats, and Republika Srpska, where live mostly Serbs.Moreover, Medvedev spoke rather sharply about opponents in Washington: “They strongly promote it, it’s no secret, this is a basic course of the United States of America. Hence, these allegations that Russia one way or the other supports or some harm. In fact the main damage is done by these aspirations of the United States of America dominate in the world, including in the Balkans and in Europe. By the way, from these desires, or those desires, tired and in Europe itself”.Recently the Minister of defence of the United Kingdom Ben Wallace (Ben Wallace) made a speech at the NATO parliamentary Assembly in which he praised the Alliance. He said, “70 years ago the group of 12 countries have established our Alliance. They did it to protect our shared values and freedoms that they defended in the Second world war. Then the total demand of the founding members was the same as now: it was the need not attack and defense, in mutual defense. NATO members decided that our guiding principles should be freedom and democracy. I’m proud of what we achieved through joint efforts, and I will do so until I head the Ministry of defence, we continued to contribute to the readiness, deployment and Outlook of NATO. Whatever happens with Brexton, our slogan is the idea that security is not a competition and partnership”.Wallace was a captain in the armed forces and served in the army during the conflict in Northern Ireland, when for his services he received awards from the high command.

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