Daily Mail chastised the British for “alcoholic shame”

The organization for economic cooperation and development (OECD) has published a new report which compares the volume of consumption of pure alcohol in 44 countries. Although in this list the UK is in 19th place, on average, it consumed more alcohol than in comparable countries, making its residents “the most drunken drunkards on Earth,” says the publication.

Daily Mail отчитала британцев за «алкогольный позор»

GLPБританцы over 15 years annually drink of 9.7 liters of pure alcohol. This is equivalent to 108 bottles of 12% wine or 342 pints of 5% lager beer, writes the Daily Mail, citing a new study.

This statistic was published on the eve of the Organization for economic cooperation and development (OECD). The report compares the volume of pure alcohol, which is consuming the inhabitants of 44 countries, says the publication. In the list of the OECD the UK is in 19th place. But on average it drink 800 milliliters of pure alcohol more than in a comparable population of countries, drew attention to the tabloid. First the report is Lithuania, where adult annually have “striking” 12.3 liters of pure alcohol. Behind her in the list of “heavy drinkers of Nations”, followed by Austria, France, Czech Republic, Luxembourg and Ireland, and Russia is on the ninth position. While Turkey, Israel, India, Costa Rica, Mexico and Colombia are at the very end of the table. In all of these countries drink at least five liters of pure alcohol, draws the attention of the Daily Mail. Below the United Kingdom was the most populous countries: China, India, USA, Brazil and Indonesia. This means that the British — “the most alcoholic man on Earth”, says the publication, which calls the situation “alcoholic shame.” The OECD report also shows an interesting relationship between the volume of alcohol in different countries and the probability of their citizens to become alcoholics. For example, in Britain, average consumption is higher, but the proportion of drinkers among the citizens, which are classified as “dependent”, one of the lowest. A similar situation is observed in France. It ranks third among the most drinking countries, but the number of dependent it below average. At the same time, Austria and Eastern European countries, including Latvia, Hungary and Russia, at the same time have a high level of alcohol consumption and the relatively large number of alcoholics, the newspaper notes. Representatives of charity organizations in an interview with the Daily Mail acknowledged that the problem of alcoholism in Britain is not as sharp as in many other countries. At the same time, according to them, millions of people in the Kingdom run the risk of seriously undermining your health in the long run, if you don’t give up the booze. Reader comments on the website Daily Mail: Tom: That’s disgusting. Come on Brits, let’s go out with 17 places on the first Christmas. I’m going to the pub to start the business. Orwellian1984: I drink to forget. Traitors and anarchists who now sit in Parliament. Then every morning I have to deal with the lying crooks in the media who continually spew streams of vile treachery at every opportunity. Peter: to Keep up with Ireland and Russia in the table of alcohol consumption is normal. To keep up with France — it’s a shame. Deebod: Feel proud that you’re British! Realityislostonhere: that’s worth drinking to. Fact hunt: so we drink less than our European neighbours, but nevertheless, the article’s chewing us. It is not clear.

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