Daily Mail: Soros suspected of attempting to disrupt brakcet and relegated Johnson

The Conservative party urged the electoral Commission to urgently check the activities of the representatives of George Soros in Britain, writes the Daily Mail. According to the publication, the Foundation branch of the American financier in London seeks to influence the upcoming British elections, to promote in Parliament the opponents of breccia and to deprive the Prime Minister of Boris Johnson’s hope of a majority.

Daily Mail: Сороса заподозрили в попытке сорвать брексит и «низвергнуть» Джонсона

GLPДжорджу Soros faces possible investigation in the United Kingdom. American billionaire accused that his Foundation has spent almost £3 million on the campaign, which aims to “overthrow” the British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, writes Daily Mail.

The Conservative party urged the electoral Commission to urgently check the activities of the representatives of the Soros Foundation in Britain. The reason for the proceedings was received information that the American financier is trying to “block” brakcet in the upcoming parliamentary elections. According to the newspaper, the new York “the Foundation “open society”* the Soros Foundation through its London branch sponsors the Pro-European group Best for Britain (BfB) to bypass the ban on foreign funding of political organizations. While on the site digenesis invited to “tactically vote” for opponents of breccia that, if successful, would deprive Johnson of hope to the majority vote. Earlier, the liberal Democrats, and Welsh green party have signed an agreement To Remain Unite (“Unite to stay”). They agreed that they would not challenge the 60 seats in Parliament, to increase the chances of victory of candidates who oppose the country’s withdrawal from the EU. Representatives BfB call themselves “fellow travelers” of the Alliance. 2017 BfB has received £2.7 million from Soros. This amount was discovered, the Daily Mail reports the London office of the American Foundation, which is located in the same building with other speakers against breccia groups, including Britain Open (“Open Britain”) and the European Movement (European movement). Both organizations play a key role in the campaign for the People’s Vote (“public vote”) for holding a second referendum on brexia. It is highly likely that the main “battleground” of the British elections will be Facebook. Therefore, BfB is actively invested in advertising on this platform. Only in the last 30 days, the group spent £137 thousand to 165 different ads, draws the attention of the Daily Mail. “I urge the electoral Commission as soon as possible to investigate whether the incident is a violation of funding rules, and to clarify, what is Best for Britain spends these foreign millions,” — said the MP Tory Andrew Percy. He stressed that there are clear rules that donations of this magnitude should not be spent on the campaign. According to the politician, everything must be done to receive foreign support groups, “which try to prevent the democratic will of the British people“did not affect the elections in the country. Meanwhile, in the BfB said that they had not violated the rules of the electoral Commission and not spent on his campaign foreign funds. “Given the damage that can cause the government, Boris Johnson and hard brakcet our country, we receive many donations from all over Britain,” — say representatives of the organization. In Britain, for Soros gained bad reputation of being “bankrupt the Bank of England”. In 1992 he played in the decline of the pound sterling, which led to inflation of the currency and caused panic in the government of John major, Daily Mail reminds. According to the American billionaire, he loves the UK and wants to save her from a “tragic mistake” of leaving the EU. Not so long ago he stated that he invested in the campaign against brexia not for ideological or electoral purposes, and in order to “educate British society”. * “The Foundation “open society” (Open Society Foundation) — the organization that is recognized as undesirable in the territory of the Russian Federation by the decision of the Prosecutor General from 26.11.2015.

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