Daily Telegraph: disrespect of Macron to NATO plays into the hands of enemies of the Alliance

Daily Telegraph: неуважительное отношение Макрона к НАТО играет на руку противникам альянса

The statements of Emmanuel Macron about “brain death” NATO and stating that the enemy of the Alliance is not Russia or China, and terrorism, has caused outrage outside of France. According to The Daily Telegraph, the French President is right that Europeans should do more for its own security, but his remarks play into the hands of enemies of the West.

At the beginning of last month the French President spoke sharply about the strategic “brain death” of the Alliance and stated that “common enemy” of NATO are not Russia or China, and terrorism. According to The Daily Telegraph, it is possible that his words were well received in his country, but they were badly received abroad. He alienated Poland and the Baltic States. Even German Chancellor Angela Merkel completely rejected his views, telling German MPs: “In our fundamental interest to preserve NATO, even more than during the cold war“.”Don’t have to agree or even believe everything that comes out of Donald trump to admit that he was right in saying yesterday that the recent attitude of Emmanuel Macron to NATO is very disrespectfule”, — said the author of the material.In his opinion, the error of the Macron is not in his analysis of the strategic direction of NATO, as some of his criticisms fair, and his decisions. The French President is right that Europeans should do more for its own security. One way to do this is to increase their defense spending. The second method is to encourage the new European Commission to make more efforts to use common measures set by the EU and NATO areas of cooperation.However, continues the author of the material, the macron was wrong to suggest that Russia is not an enemy of NATO or that it can be turned into a partner, if Europe would weaken its regime of sanctions.”Ignoring the fact that in ten years Russia has invaded two neighboring countries, the macron should remember that Russia has also dealt a blow to Western political systems. And interfere in democratic processes, including presidential elections in 2017 in France, in which he came to power, “writes the author of the publication.However, the macron is not only against Russia but also against China. Beijing global plans, and his sphere of influence and power much greater than anything that can demonstrate to Russia.As the paper concludes, NATO needed to be done — from improving mobility of the armed forces to increase the level of operational integration. Therefore, the best method of action is to seek solutions rather than ignoring the problem.”Although NATO allies, apparently, not ready to name China as a potential adversary or strategic competitor, the growing threat from Beijing, requires a full-scale NATO response. In this matter, as in others, the Alliance should insist, despite the reluctance of Macron“, concludes the author.

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