Daimler checks the safety of unmanned taxi

Daimler проверяет безопасность беспилотных такси

According to the representatives of the company Daimler, unmanned taxi was not so “smart” as was supposed initially to improve the level of security these boards need to resolve a number of issues.

It is reported that such improvements will affect the cost of the project and its feasibility relative to their future earnings.

Technology Autonomous driving is likely to be used on commercial vehicles for freight companies on long routes. Relevant information was announced by CEO of Daimler Ola Kallenius.

It is noted that the interest in such projects appeared once in 2012, Google unveiled a prototype of an Autonomous vehicle, as well as due to the movement of services, such as Uber. However, due to costs and some difficulties the business potential of this direction was revised.

According to him, even if Daimler will be able to protect robotaxi, the advantages of entry in the crowded business with Autonomous vehicles remain unclear.

“Full deployment would tie a lot of capital with some uncertainty as to potential profit, At this stage we are said to be the first, does not make sense,” said Ola Kallenius

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