Daimler specialists determined the color for communication of cars with pedestrians

Besides, this color is not common to any other functions in the car.

Фахівці Daimler визначили колір для спілкування авто з пішоходами

Carmaker Daimler AG has conducted tests of unmanned Mercedes, equipped with light signals to communicate with pedestrians. Representatives of the company came to the conclusion that the best way to interact drone people fit turquoise light indicators located on the perimeter of the car, reports the New Atlas, informs Rus.Media.

In modern robotics one of the areas which are actively developing on the interaction human-robot (HRI, human-robot interaction), and this topic is particularly relevant for developers of unmanned vehicles. In real life drivers and pedestrians constantly nonverbally interact with each other, can wave, blink lights, and sometimes people just enough eye contact to understand the intentions of each other in a particular situation.

Companies that develop unmanned vehicles, often come to the conclusion that to replace non-verbal communication of the pedestrian and the driver of the unmanned vehicle can use additional indicators. Specialists Ford, for example, were tested for these purposes, a white led that was installed under the windshield and the various modes reported intention to stay or move, Google has offered to install rear screens displaying information for pedestrians and Über patented a screen with a virtual driver which is intended to show pedestrians that it is now safe to cross the road.

Now their vision of a similar concept was presented by the experts of Daimler AG. They have tested with different indicators, mounted on a modified for unmanned drive Mercedes-Benz S-class. Installed on the car the indicators glowed constantly to show movement in an Autonomous mode, blinked, if the machine is braked, and blinked rapidly to warn of the restoration movement. Tested and advanced features of the display – for example, the LEDs mounted on the roof that inform pedestrians and cyclists that are in front of the car that he noticed.

Also, the developers tested and “gestures” – an unmanned Mercedes parked on the roadside, before driving will reveal mirrors, and first lift the rear part and then the front. According to representatives of Daimler, is a “stretching” reminds pedestrians the behavior of a living being and is intuitive to others.

Фахівці Daimler визначили колір для спілкування авто з пішоходами

The researchers were testing the use of indicators placed in the various locations of the car and came to the conclusion that the best way pedestrians perceive light signals, located around the perimeter of the car. According to experts from Daimler, the most successful color for the communication of the machine with pedestrians turned out to be turquoise, which, moreover, are not common to any other functions in the car.

It should be noted that no data about the investigation in a statement on the website of Daimler is not specified, so do not understand the methodology of the tests, as well as the number of surveyed pedestrians. However, the representatives of the concern claim that they will send the results of their research at the society of automotive engineers.