Dakota Johnson has called the most difficult scene in the erotic “50 shades of liberty»

Dakota Johnson, who played the main role in the film “50 shades freed”admitted to journalists, what was the most erotic scene in the movie.

Дакота Джонсон назвала найскладнішу еротичну сцену в «50 відтінках свободи»

As said the actress in a recent interview, most erotic scenes of the last two parts of the BDSM trilogy, “50 shades” was filmed nonstop for two weeks.

“If we could remove all sex scenes in a day or so, it really would be in the Guinness Book of records. Much depended on the filming locations. We shot the second and third film in parallel, so the sex scenes were mostly grouped together,” he shared Dakota.

Also, the actress confessed that “encouraged” himself a glass of whiskey before filming.

The most difficult 28-year-old actress has described the scene from the movie “50 shades of freedom” where the main characters make love in the so-called “red room”, but her character is chained to the fence.

“I was with hands and feet chained to the fence, the original fence, which is omitted. And I was blindfolded. And despite the jam, it was disgusting, because you can’t control is how your own nervous system. So it was very difficult,” almost blushing, said Johnson.

The actress added that despite constant rehearsals, filming sex scenes is not easy and fun as many people think. Great support for her during the filming provided Jamie Dornan, with whom she has developed relationships that allowed them to pass through erotic photography with dignity.

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