Dallas Eakins admits that he had not had the right approach with the Oilers

Dallas Eakins admet qu'il n'avait pas eu la bonne approche avec les Oilers

Dallas Eakins is back on her first experience as a head coach in the national hockey League (NHL) at the helm of the Edmonton Oilers, admitting from the outset that he had not had the right approach.

In a season and a half, Eakins claimed a record of 36-63-14 in 113 games with the Oilers before being fired.

“It was a difficult place where to go, there were many challenges, he conceded to the american radio station KLAA recently. Rather than just start planting seeds, I went there with a flamethrower and I burned everything. In the end, all that has been accomplished, it is that there was a “them” and “me”. There has never been a “we.”

“I would like to return back and do things differently. What is interesting is that I had never done so before, that this is [in the american League with the Marlies] Toronto or elsewhere. It was always the culture of ” we, we, we. My thought process [in Edmonton] was to go out there and do things quickly when waking up the locker room, and it was a bad plan.”

Return to base

With the Ducks of Anaheim, Eakins admits to be income to the technique that allowed him to climb up the ladder. In his first season in California, he led his followers to a sheet of 29-33-9 before the NHL suspends the season because of the pandemic of COVID-19.

If it is far from enough to have its place in the portrait of the playoffs, the instructor considers that it is satisfactory if one takes into account the process of reconstruction begun in Anaheim.

“In a word, I think it was good. But my competitive side, even if we understand that we are a team in transition, and that we knew where we were going to probably finish the campaign, is still there and I expect to win every night.”

Eakins is also optimistic for the future, believing that the core of his team is very solid.

“I think he was correct on the ice, but the locker room – and I did very little credit to take for that, it’s thanks to the group leaders – is very, very solid. So I’m excited for the sequel.”

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