Damage for 16.5 million rubles: unknown stole six cars in St. Petersburg

Ущерб на 16,5 млн рублей: неизвестные угнали шесть машин в Петербурге

The police of St. Petersburg are investigating another series of autostealings in different parts of the city. Prey of criminals became six cars, reports the edition “news of Neva”.

The attackers wielded in the Primorsky, Krasnoselsky, Moscow and Kalininsky areas. It is unknown whether the thefts.

In the Primorsky district on July 1 of the attackers stole two cars of Kia Sorento and Mercedes Benz. One of them stood near the house №34 on the Commandant’s Avenue, and the second from the house number 12 building 2 on Prospekt Sizova. The total cost stolen – over 3.5 million rubles.

In Krasnoselsky district was kidnapped Hyundai Tucson from the house number 4 building 3 at the Gatchina highway. Stolen car worth half a million rubles. The same price it cost the owner of a Honda CR-V, stolen the day before near the house №4 on Theological street (Kalinin district). In the Moscow region lost the most expensive of the stolen cars Lexus LX. It costs almost eight million rubles.

On all facts of theft criminal case under p. part 4 of article 158 of the criminal code.

In mid-June in the Centre of the organization of traffic (TSODD) stated that in Moscow three times decreased the number of car thefts. This trend is associated with the development of photo and video recording