Damage on the liner after the flight, will look for the robot

Повреждения на лайнере после полета будет искать робот

The specialists of Moscow aviation Institute (MAI) to develop a mobile robotic system that can create a 3D model of the aircraft and to detect damage on the surface of the vessel after the voyage.About it write “news”.

The complex is connected between ground and air platforms equipped with video cameras. Inspect the liner of the robot will be able in 20 minutes. The person doing that would be several times longer.

The neural network can detect defects as small as a few square centimeters. In the future, developers will learn the system and find smaller flaws.

According to associate Professor of the Department “Automated systems of orientation and navigation” MAI Dmitry Surkov, the model withstands temperatures up to -5 °C and a wind force of 12 m/s.

The experimental sample will pass the test at the end of summer in Zhukovsky, a trial operation should start in February 2020.

Earlier it was reported that in Perm have created a robot with the appearance of man. Android Alex conveys their emotions with facial expressions and can hold a conversation, recognizing the voice of the caller and communicating on abstract themes. It is noted that from the person the robot head. Body – a motionless mannequin.