Dan Basambombo surprised of the interest that it arouses

Dan Basambombo surpris de l’intérêt qu’il suscite

Inactive due 2019 for academic reasons, Dan Basambombo is very surprised to generate interest at the dawn of the recovery of the LCF which will take place on Thursday. Even more that he has notified all the training it will evolve in the university ranks for the next season.

“It is funny that I am still in the conversation,” said linebacker star of the Red and Gold of the University Laval from the outset. It is a blessing. I am lucky. I thank God for my talent and my father for his genes. Of the guys who played last year will not have this opportunity to be recovered. I am glad that my athleticism and my talent to be recognized even if I haven’t played. “

Despite the significant interest, Basambombo ensures that it has not changed its stance and will comply with his game plan.

Initially when he confirmed his return to the game last January, the linebacker 6 ‘ 1 ” and 232 pounds wanted to push his one-year last chance to 2021, but this is not possible.

A player can only pre-empt his year of the draft if he ever gets his degree in three years.

Maybe a camp

“My speech has not changed, he assured. I have a bachelor’s degree to finish, and I have given my word to the guys I will be back to Laval for one last season. I warned the teams and nothing will change even if I am offered a place on the regular team. My speech is sharp and clear. “

Basambombo could be tempted by a participation in a training camp.

“If the camps of the CFL and that of the Red and Gold are not at the same time, I’m going to go there, he mentioned. The coaches at Laval encourage me to go, and it will be an experience that may serve me. I want to become the best player possible. “

Back to Ottawa with his parents since the beginning of the confinement, Basambombo could very well end up with the Red and Black has a choice territory to the end of the 2nd round.

“We have not discussed this scenario, but I’ve talked to Red and Black, he confided. It is very possible that I end up with the Red and Black. Montreal has also shown a lot of interest. Danny (Maciocia) knows me well. Regardless of the team who will choose me, it will become my training of choice. “

The Alouettes, Stampeders, Tiger-Cats and Blue Bombers have also demonstrated a certain interest in the place of the player, a native of the democratic Republic of the Congo, who participated in the Challenge of East-West last may at Carleton University.


“I’m not surprised that there was as much interest, said his agent Fred Weinrauch. The talent does not lie even if he has not played in 2019. Teams may wait another year to complete his studies. This is a good decision. I think it will come out between the 2nd and the 4th round. “

Basambombo has completed his session by correspondence.

“The 18 credits required for my eligibility are acquired and there are no worries. I aim to get a good average. “

“This is a childhood dream that will come true “

Adam Auclair waiting for this moment for a long time.

“This is a childhood dream that will come true,” summed up the linebacker hybrid of the Red and Gold of the University Laval. It’s been a long that I think of it. I am excited and given that we do not have that it to think, the excitement increases. “

Ranked 15th in the recent ranking of the 20 most beautiful hopes, released last week, Auclair should not wait too long.

“I see him leaving at the end of the first round or early 2nd, he mentioned. I have looked at the needs of the teams. I talked to all the teams except Toronto. Many see me as a linebacker and marauder according to the defensive unit formations used. Some see me primarily as a marauder. “

Invited to a mini camp in the NFL, Auclair holds out hope that the situation resolves in order to show its know-how. “My mini camp is not yet cancelled, but the chances are greater that he is, he said. Because the OTA (team activities, mandatory) have been delayed, it is still possible that the mini-camps take place later. If it works, I’m going to break it. “

According to the information obtained, that the principal person concerned was not confirmed, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, the team of his brother Antony, had been granted an invitation.

Assé could set off early

Regarded as the 11th most beautiful hope in anticipation of the draft, Kétel Assé could sneak into the first round given that five players in the Top 9 have agreements with NFL teams.

“I don’t have a goal in terms of rounds, said the pop of the Red and Gold of the University Laval. The important thing is to be drafted so that I can evolve to the next level. I spoke to all the CFL teams, except for Edmonton and British Columbia. However, I had talked to Edmonton on the occasion of the NFLPA Collegiate Bowl in Los Angeles. I had no trouble with the same issues. “

Invited to camp Montreal regional on march 13 that it has been cancelled 1: 30 p.m. prior to his departure from Quebec city, Marc-Antoine Pivin regrets not to have received the opportunity to demonstrate its know-how to recruiters of the CFL. “I’m disappointed because I had prepared all winter, has stressed the winger spaced the Red and Gold. It is really flat, but I do understand the decision. There were two tests where I could have made me stand out. The “one on one” are also used to demonstrate who you are as a player. “

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