Dancing with horses: Belarus is world Cup dressage

PHOTO : MIR / Tatiana Konstantinova


Belarus is the world Cup stage in dressage. For prizes in different categories of difficulty fighting the riders of Belarus and Russia. Just four days will compete for 27 sets of medals. The competition was watched by the correspondent of “MIR 24” Pauline, Srebrenko.

Elena Efremova – one of the most accomplished horsewomen of Belarus, but the young stallion Baltimore Di takes the first “PA” in big-time sports and has already shown great promise.

“This is the second season. This is his third international competition. In principle, the horse is the beginning. And then the big prize, the Grand Prix and the Olympic games,” admitted a member of the national team of Belarus equestrian Ekaterina Efremova.

Dressage is both sport and art. Before you bring to the arena, the horse is prepared for more than three years.

Such a strong friendship not to achieve any long workouts. And this is the secret of success, says Olga Safonova. She and Sandro De Amore – the leaders of the Belarusian national team, participants of prestigious world Cup final this year. A stallion with a sonorous name is temperamental and capricious, so we have to work a lot.

“It is a daily, full, permanent contact with the horse. We are almost 24 and 7 are together on all trips. I myself go with him, feed, watching, coaching. We’re not just partners, we’re best friends. He totally trusts me as I do him,” said a member of the national team of Belarus in equestrian sport Olga Safronova.

Dressage horse is akin to a dance. Smooth transitions from one gait to another, the rhythmic change of pace, elegance, and precision of each movement. And this is possible when there is complete understanding between the horse and the rider.

“The rider directs the horse. But the fact of the professionalism of the rider when the audience don’t see how it affects the horse,” – said the Chairman of the jury Natalia Rubashko.

In the arena in Ratomka pairs from Russia and Belarus. Inessa Merkulova one of the leaders of the Russian team. At this time acts in the “small prize”. Fürst, or Prince albert also preparing for serious competitions.

“Worked with desire, was on fire, the whole was on the rise. I love it when the horse is such a fighter. Spoiling for a fight. I always found such statements very much,” said the member of Russian national team on equestrian sport Inessa Merkulova.

Riders admit that the desire to win – most importantly, what value the horse. And, any.

“When you look at the small horse, it is already clear that this horse with great potential. Because a very good movement. And there are absolutely nondescript horse, but many years of work, love, with mutual understanding with the horse get a good Duo,” said the press Secretary of the Belarusian Federation of equestrian sport Anastasia Poito.

This stage of the world Cup preparatory to a tournament in Moscow. There are many of the current participants will compete for a license for the Olympic games.