Dandelion root kills cancer cells in 48 hours

Корень одуванчика убивает раковые клетки за 48 часов

Funds from the cancer of humanity known not so much. All of them are reduced mainly to chemotherapy. Conventional medicine rejects the folk remedies that could be successfully used in the fight against cancer. However, these exist — for example, dandelion root.

Diverse healing dandelion

The plant, which will be discussed, has been used for many centuries. However, that it can cure cancer became known not so long ago. First mention it is the official medicine. We are talking about the root of the dandelion.+

One of the patients with cancer at the age of 74 years was long treated, but results any did not bring. The doctors sent him to live the last days home, but something advised to drink tea made from dandelion root.+

Some time later, they were surprised — diseased cells was much less as shown by the test results. The cancer went into remission after only 4 months, although the assumptions of this process was to begin later.+

Enough 48 hours

Dandelion root copes with cancer cells in just 48 hours. However, his distinctive quality is that it does not affect healthy cells, unlike chemotherapy. In fact, the body simply gets an additional portion of immunity that leads to its recovery.+

Today the representatives of the official medicine is beginning to recognize the fact that dandelion root really copes with cancer cells. However, they do not recommend to use it those who are already officially recognized by patients.+

The fact that this plant has a negative impact on the body if it was previously exposed to chemotherapy. Those who received this disappointing diagnosis and has not yet undergone treatment, a tea made from dandelion root will surely help.+

Of course, dandelion root is not very pleasant to the taste, however, result from its use is simply amazing. Say at least people!

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