Dangerous drugs: 10% of drugs on the market of Kazakhstan – fake

PHOTO : “Mir24” / Elena Andreeva,


In Kazakhstan there is a growing trade in counterfeit pills. Every tenth medicine is fake. This information was voiced by the Republican Ministry of health, reports “WORLD 24”.

Most often counterfeited expensive medication, clarify specialists, and add that drugs are known pharmaceutical companies come into the country through re-exports from neighboring countries. In this regard, the Agency intends to strengthen control.

“Information about the presence of counterfeit drugs in the pharmacy and medical organizations, we receive usually from the manufacturers that are present on our market. And the staff of our Committee go to check, identify the facts and apply the measures of administrative punishment”, – said the Chairman of the control Committee, quality and safety of products and services of the Ministry of health of the Republic of Kazakhstan Lyudmila Berbekova.

In the framework of the fight against counterfeits, the country increased the number of prescription drugs. Now without prescription you can’t buy antibiotics and painkillers. The law adopted at the end of may.