Dangerous sunburn: the sun’s rays can cause serious harm to the health

Опасный загар: солнечные лучи могут нанести серьезный вред здоровью

The sun’s rays, despite the healing effect in certain cases may cause significant harm to humans and even cause cancer. This is in anticipation of the season of the active sun and holidays told “Evening Moscow” the doctor-the dermatologist Irina Skorohodova.

According to him, the sun need to be afraid of white people with blue eyes. First of all it concerns inhabitants of the middle band, who are planning a vacation in close to the equator countries. The expert noted that in Australia, where live the descendants of fair-skinned British, a very high incidence of skin cancer.

In the area of risk, according to Irina Skorohodova, those who have many body moles. She advises such people before the holidays in hot countries to be examined by a doctor. Only a specialist can determine is ready to be reborn moles.

In addition, exposure to sunlight can undermine the immune system. Often, after returning from tropical countries, people get sick of SARS. As the doctor noted, is a consequence of sun exposure. Its rays can also cause immunosuppression of the skin, exacerbating her illness.

The doctor reminded about the benefits of tanning. The sun’s rays increase the level of serotonin – a main depressant in the body and vitamin D. But the sun, in her words, to the mind. In the first days out in the sun only in the morning and evening, use sunscreen and bring the skin to burn. You can gradually increase the dose of ultraviolet radiation.

Earlier in Roskoshestvo gave advice on choosing sunscreen. The numbers on the tool after the abbreviation SPF indicates how many times longer you can stay in the sun in complete safety, than usual. First you need to determine your skin type. When choosing a cream is very important and the region where the person plans to relax. In the morning in Moscow, it is sufficient to apply an SPF of 4-10, and in Turkey – SPF 20-30. For children you need to choose the agent with the highest protection – SPF 50.