Danilko: go to the presidency? Nothing wrong with that do not

Андрей Данилко:  Пойти в президенты? Ничего страшного в этом не вижу

Andriy Danylko: “go to the presidency? Nothing wrong with that do not”
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Verka Serduchka in Odessa conducted not only on stage but also three thousand spectators (the hall was full). Photo: Press service of the Summer theater “the terminal”

For the first time in 3 years Verka Serduchka gave a big solo concert.

We met up with Andrew after his enchanting performances in Odessa sea port, at the opening of the Summer theatre. The concert was delayed, the excited audience did not let go of the artist.

Tired, but happy the artist went into the dressing room. And asked to talk after the performances and the change of the image Serduchka Danilko on. The transformation took more than an hour. But not without its oddities, which probably can happen only in Odessa.

So it was that in the art the dressing room was not the toilet. Do not go Danilko in the lobby to wash off the artistic makeup? Had to do it “in the field” – in the basin, making it even more added flavor. Come and see this picture: Andrey, what it often see only the closest, standing in a puddle of water in flip flops, in his trademark cap, with a bottle of mineral water in his hand and said: “And so I’ll be in front of reporters in a puddle to stand?”. Help immediately came to his artistic mother – Inna Belokon. She grabbed a towel and efficiently wiped the floor. And then, in a motherly way Andrew straightened his shirt, took the bottle and sat down opposite, so as not to disturb. This can only be done for love!

Well, you can start.

“We did not finish the career”

– Andrew, recently, many media wrote that Verka Serduchka is retiring…

– Yes, I saw this mess, they say, we have the last concert in Odessa and we end his career. We don’t finish and just doing a farewell tour with Serduchka and the group of Mountain Breeze. Say thank you, because I have to work hard. I want to do those things, we want to help children…

But such reaction, maybe after the tour “I’m going to” make the joint “I PowerToys”? (Laughs.) It’s like the band “the Scorpions”. They retired, and then those fees went, that he decided to pursue a career.

Recently I got a call from Bi-Bi-si. Ask: “Andrew, what are you going to do when you end a career?” I said, “Lord, do you think I need to do something?” For 25 years I just want to walk in Slippers. Here I’m standing in a puddle in Slippers… (in the dressing room of the Seaport). But I’m so tired of the hypocrisy in 25 years. I also sat in companies of artists and laughed at an unfunny joke, gossip. And then you start to think: why do you say that?

I’m so tired that I just want to go to summer camp. We will be shooting in Poltava – “X factor” removes commercials. And I said, let’s at camp to go with their feet the first time you had a smoke, somebody punched… This is the happiest time.

“Go to Breakfast in the hotel, because he included”

– This year for the holidays? According to tradition – with Inna?

– Inka was 18 days in Greece recently. And I caught this moment: on the tenth day I’m in sneakers, sleepy, swollen in a stretched t-shirt go for Breakfast. Go not because I want to have Breakfast. But because it is included. Times included – have to go! As the zombies rise. Bacon, egg… What is it? Some aunts poured the asphalt, there is a scent of an early morning. And I think, become a man, like in a pioneer camp.

I have a feeling that long ago, we are the Serduchka. When I look at my classmates, I’d rather have some not seen. It seems that some guys, their garage, the car… Thank God that time passes and changes.

Relationships with the young actors resemble the Dorm

– After the “X-factor” you took under his wing a group from Poltava Mountain Breeze. The impression that you have them right some of his father’s feelings…

– I couldn’t understand until the moment when I realized that it reminds me of. The Dorm room! They are first rate, and I is the fourth. This is when a good attitude, not bullying, as it happens in the Dorm. You know, it’s like… BU-BU-BU the door: “Hello!” – “Good morning!” “We want to fry potatoes, you can take my frying pan?” – “Of course, then wash” – “And potatoes do you have?” (Laughs.)

Arrogant, cunning children. In a good way, Teens, boys. I really believe in them. You can’t teach at the Institute. My name is teaching a course at the University Poplavskiy, even gave is what I type in there some course. But that’s not true. I don’t understand how you can teach in class. You sit, we analyze. Can be taught only in work.

Андрей Данилко:  Пойти в президенты? Ничего страшного в этом не вижу

In the dressing room after removing make-up: Andrew with the guys from Mountain Breeze and the “mother” of ina. Photo: Press service of the Summer theater “the terminal”

The social network – like cappuccino

– Many of your colleagues went to the net. Some have millions of subscribers, their likes monetized into money. Why are you not yet on Instagram?

That’s why I don’t like cappuccino? Kind of girly drink. Take a picture of yourself, now eat a hamburger, do you? I don’t know with whom I communicate. And earn it… So I paid the other. Still, I have a different approach to public people.

Was this the actress Olga Androvskaya was working in the old Theater. It is a lifetime did not give any interviews. He didn’t have such a clear distinction between life and stage. That people did not see how she sleeps, eats, drinks, walks… And these people seemed like people from another planet. And now, thanks to social networks, the artist lies with you, eat, drink, walk… This accessibility.

I believe that there should be an element of unread books. When in these programs, the artists invited to his home and tell how much a table what my guitar… I can’t even imagine that the journalists came to my house, so I told them stories.

“Vakarchuk? Seen behind him are good people”

– In Kiev raised the cost of travel in metro. Understand that you are not much touching, but still – how do you feel about that?

– When people ask me: “do you miss the subway?” I say, “why miss him? It’s the mom or dad?” But I always liked the smell of the subway, maybe because I’m from Poltava, and I always thought that the metro is the capital.

Of course, the price increase is a bad thing. But have you forgotten where we live?

Zelensky and Vakarchuk promote a candidate for the presidential election. Perhaps you should go into politics, since “went to a booze”?

– I’m terrible see, if I third. God loves a Trinity. It would be good.

– Stand as a candidate – we’re going to campaign!

Well, let me think about it. I once asked if among the candidates was not Volodya and Slava, I guess, that would be foolish, and so…

“But you’re not a professional, MOV do not know” say. MOV I know, I have no experience. And professional began to live better? Well, the point that he “freely rozmowa ukraïnskoyu”. You have metro for 8 hryvnia!

I think people are missing and always will miss the usual things, the usual qualities. I look at Slavik. God give him health. But these hands…

– Say, these movements are taught in America…

– The fact of the matter is that everything is taught. Better this someone was? It just looks funny. As Poplawski’s doing. They all have the same movement.

But we’re also smart people, understand that it’s not by accident, not because he wanted to do it – and he went. It is evident that for him are good people.

– If tomorrow will come to you or call Poroshenko, what would you tell him?

I could care less – Poroshenko or not. I could say, “Peter…” But I don’t know what to tell him.

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