Danilo from Vologda after a severe head injury need rehabilitation



Daniel Petrosino from Vologda after a terrible accident was diagnosed with a severe brain injury. The forecasts were bad. The doctors assured me that helping him is impossible: he will live not more than a week. But the struggle of parents for sons and a rehabilitation yielded positive results: Dan already knows of others and can respond to them. Charitable Foundation “Live” and TV channel “the WORLD” raising money to help the boy to undergo another course. Need 315 thousand rubles, the correspondent of “MIR 24” Anastasia lihodedova.

18-year-old Daniel Petrosino to talk yet possible with great difficulty. The consequences of a terrible accident. A year ago in Vologda at the crosswalk a car hit him. As a result of numerous fractures, internal injuries and a bruise of a brain of heavy degree.

“We were told that with this diagnosis will live five to seven days. He was in a coma. He had many fractures. Us to it is not allowed. Said that only a miracle can hope. The chances of survival are minimal,” says the mother of Daniel Galina Petrushina.

Danya held in intensive care for three months and survived. He could not breathe, eat, and did not react. The doctors shrugged: did everything you could. The boy’s mother did not despair and began to engage with his son, and then found a rehabilitation center “Three sisters”. There and helped.

Now Dan has a lot to endure, otherwise the result will be. From morning till night painful procedures and training. In just a month and a half is an incredible progress. He learned to sit, roll over, eat and drink. But most importantly, Daniel began to understand and to communicate to him almost lost his memory.

“The most important and the most difficult – we see the growth of cognitive functions, which usually almost never happens. The dynamics of these situations is very good, because we have every reason to think that he has largely restored speech. We can already see a big improvement in terms of movement – the work of the hands, which previously were absent, and footwork,” says the attending physician of “Three sisters” Dmitry Sumin.

In July Dani’s birthday. And the doctors hope that he will go. But it is necessary to continue classes. New rehabilitation costs 315 rubles. Can help you viewers of the TV channel “MIR”. For this you need to send an SMS with the word “Live” in room 3443 in the text to specify the donation amount. Together we will be able to give Daniel a full life.

Earlier, the TV channel “the WORLD” told the story of Natalia Bugrovoy. After a stroke a woman a month not regained consciousness in the hospital. Suffered from pneumonia and a urinary infection, breathed, and fed through a special tube. But just three weeks in rehab, it literally breathed life. Natalia has learned to sit, move, and Express emotions. The patient can eat and drink, keep your head and sit. Even the dialogue with the speech therapist a little work. Needed the money for a new rehabilitation. Thanks to concerned viewers were able to gather 57 thousand rubles. Now Natalia continues classes. And it has all the chances to rise on feet.