Danish MP has posted pre-election agitation on PornHub

Датский депутат разместил предвыборную агитацию на PornHub

In Denmark, the Deputy from party “Liberal Alliance”, former Olympic champion in the shot put Joachim Olsen has decided to be original and placed a campaign on the popular online adult website PornHub, the newspaper said

According to the parliamentarian, he hopes his invention will help him to be reelected to the Parliament. Elections to the Riksdag and other authorities in Denmark will be held on the first Wednesday of June.

“We thought it might be fun to run an ad on PornHub. Half the Internet is porn and you have to be where the voters, including porn sites”, – explained the idea of Olsen.

However, he did not rule out that his original approach can be intimidating. However, the MP expects that people will understand it correctly.

“Those who know me as a politician, you know that I am serious, but I have a sense of humor, and I think it’s very funny,” said Olsen.

In early may, Prime Minister of Denmark Lars Rasmussen said that the General elections in the country will be held on 5 June. June 17, ends a four-year term head of government. Rasmussen, speaking in Parliament said that he intends to continue to lead Denmark.