Dany Laferrière released a third novel drawn

Dany Laferrière sort un troisième roman dessiné

The writer Dany Laferrière will be released on June 16, his third novel, drew, exile is worth the trip. It speaks of exile without self-pity, exploring through the work of several famous authors, from sequences of his own life, and through his own establishment in a new city, Montreal.

In this third novel, fully hand-written and drawn by the writer, he speaks of New York under the gaze of the photographer Annie Leibovitz, and of the painter Edward Hopper, writers Truman Capote and Salinger. It strolls in the streets of Buenos Aires with Borges, tells of the letter written by the general haitian Toussaint l’ouverture to napoleon Bonaparte, in 1802.

The exile is worth the trip is the most montrealers novels drawn by Dany Laferrière. He tells of his arrival in the city in 1976, and the culture shock, and social climate he lived through. He discusses his jobs difficult and the house “dirty and bright” where it is housed. He speaks of the Saint-Denis street and the square Saint-Louis. Of the winter. From its beginnings in scripture.

“If I made this book (in doing, there are writing and drawing), it is because I was fed up that combines only the exile of pain”, share-t-he in a press release.

The book of 408 pages, published by éditions du Boréal, will be available in bookstores on June 16, in Quebec.

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