Dare to be true in a “false” world: strive for authenticity

Dare to be true in a

In her new book, Daring to be true in a “false” world , the author Pascale Dufresne wishes her readers to succeed in developing their authenticity in order to integrate it into their lives.

Dare to be true in a “false” world
Pascale dufresne
Béliveau Editor
250 pages “> Dare to be true in a” false “world
Pascale dufresne
Béliveau Editor
250 pages

Authenticity may seem simple, yet who can say it really is? We live in a society where appearances dominate, to the point where the way of behaving, of speaking and even of dressing is dictated by it. Watch young people (and even the not so young) who follow fashions, even when they don't suit them. We follow a bit like sheep, without questioning ourselves too much. Some use social media to define their image, even if it is not authentic. If clothing is rather superficial in the pursuit of a lifetime, what about our professional and personal journey? Is it genuine? Far from it, considers the author Pascale Dufresne who was the subject of her recent book. Thus, it becomes legitimate to question oneself as to who is really leading his own life. “Our family, social, educational and cultural environment has not favored our ability to live authentically, but it is not too late to do so,” preaches the author.

Be yourself

“When you ask people whether they consider themselves to be authentic, they say yes, before realizing that they are not. It is a word that has become fashionable that many people use without knowing its deeper meaning, ”explains the author.

Living by making your own choices is essential to living happily. To get there, you have to know how to make choices that are consistent with your values. “For that, you need the courage to change things”, points out Pascale Dufresne who adds that to get there you sometimes have to overcome her fears, admitting that she herself is always in the process of abandoning certain strategies that 'it has been built to take its place and which are a barrier to authenticity. “It is a long journey to get rid of the conditioning built since childhood, it is the journey of a lifetime”, recognizes the author.

The call of authenticity

It is through three characters, inspired by her clients, that the author has chosen to make her readers aware that we are often very far from authenticity. “According to studies and research carried out by psychologists, only 34% of the adult population lives authentically,” explains one, which relies on methods that have been in existence for more than 40 years and which have been proven to work. Most of them are in a state of unconsciousness in relation to the authenticity, even if they feel they are in the authenticity. The quest for his three characters and their journey will, through the mirror effect, raise awareness of authenticity in order to find each other by harmonizing head, heart and action. “Showing authenticity is a choice that can also disturb those around you,” she concludes.

♦ Pascale Dufresne also signs the book, Entre la tête et le cœur .

♦ She is also a speaker and teacher in corporate programs, in addition to having specialized in supporting business managers. For more info, visit: pascaledufresne.com

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