Darknet: one of the pedophiles the most sought-after in the world to be arrested in France

Darknet: l’un des pédophiles les plus recherchés au monde arrêté en France

“It was in the Top 10 of the pedophiles the most sought-after in the world “: the father of a French family for 40 years, unknown to the justice, was arrested in a village in south-western France, suspected to have facilitated child abuse sites accessed by “thousands of people” on the darknet, the hidden part of the internet.

The suspect “had become one of the ten priority targets the world of” fight against pedophilia, revealed Monday, the prosecutor of the Republic of Bordeaux, Frederique porter’s lodge.

Arrested on July 7 at his home in a village east of Bordeaux, it is also suspected of raping his two minor children that he featured in the content filmed, according to a source close to the folder.

He has acknowledged the facts, and is now in custody.

This man “made it possible for thousands of internet users in the world to have access to any photographs or videos of child pornography,” explained the magistrate.

“Unknown to police services and justice “, he presents ” a profile quite common, lambda: married, father of a family, integrated with a profession, working in a local community, has told a source close to the case to the AFP.

“It was an excellent administrator of the sites of child porn, who resembled the man in the world,” summed up Eric Bérot, head of the central office for the Repression of Violence against a person (OCRVP), the structure of police who conducted the investigation and had spotted his actions in 2014.

His arrest is the result of ” a work of international cooperation “, stressed Eric Bérot. “He was exchanged in English. We had no indication on his nationality. Then, with the cyberinfiltration, we have been able to identify it “, he explained.

“In the countryside”

The French police has investigated, in collaboration with Europol, the office of european police, which has a cell of fight against networks of child pornography international of the darknet.

“A user was particularly targeted by all law enforcement agencies worldwide for several years, using a pseudonym, and who administered on the darknet two sites of child pornography,” explained to the AFP Mrs. porter’s lodge, adding that he was in 2017 shared ” on these networks photos and videos of its own production “.

Finally, the French investigators “were able to identify his IP address,” she explained.

At the end of his police custody, the suspect was indicted on July 9, the leaders of the “diffusion band organized” and ” detention and registration of images of child pornography.

It was also indicted for ” rape, incest committed against a minor by an ascendant “, and ” sexual assault incestuous on a minor 15 years of age by an ascendant “, detailed the prosecutor in a press release.

The man, called “a pedophile” active for several years, according to the source close to the dossier, was arrested at his home, about thirty kilometers from Bordeaux.

It is “in the midst of a campaign, “” it is very surprising (…) This is not what you would expect to discover one of the main organizers of the darknet in the area of paedophilia (…) it was in the top 10 of the pedophiles the most sought-after in the world.”

During the searches, investigators seized computer equipment at his home. “To be an administrator, it is necessary to be able to have equipment, such as servers,” says the same source.

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