Darth Vader is running for Parliament

Дарт Вейдер баллотируется в Верховную раду

From Kiev Darth Vader is going to realize their political ambitions in the early elections to the Verkhovna Rada on the constituency No. 135 in Odesa, according to the website of the Central election Commission of Ukraine.

According to the documents, Darth Viktorovich Vader born October 4, 1987 in Kiev and is a citizen of Ukraine. He lives in the country the last five years. Works with Director of “Dark side of the force” and represents the interests of the party “BLOCK of Darth Vader”. Convicted was not.

Parliamentary elections were to be held in October, however, newly elected President Vladimir Zelensky has dissolved the Parliament and transferred them on July 21.

The image of Darth Vader appears in the political life of Ukraine since 2011. Since that time, the characters with this name, applied for the post of the mayor of Odessa and Kiev, and also ran for election of the President and to the Verkhovna Rada in 2014.