Darwin day (international day of science and humanity) – Feb 12

Darwin day is timed to the birthday of the famous English scientist and naturalist.

День Дарвіна (Міжнародний день науки і гуманізму) - 12 лютого

International day of science and humanism (Day Darwin (Darwin Day), dedicated to the birthday of the famous English scientist and naturalist, celebrated annually on 12 February, informs Rus.Media.

Charles Darwin (Charles Darwin, 1809-1882) was the founder of the theory of natural selection and the theory of evolution and the origin of man, was an outstanding representative of 19th-century science, and his theory was regarded during the life of the scientist as the scientific revolution.

The idea of establishing a holiday that gained popularity in the 1990-ies in the University circles in the United States devoted to Darwin, was implemented in 2001. Then it looked like check the two activists Amanda Chesworth and Robert Stevens non-profit organization called “the program of the Day of Darwin”. Subsequently, the Fund was established the International Day of Darwin, which helps to spread the ideas of Darwinism, and educational materials and takes part in the organizational processes for the holidays and events dedicated to this date.

Since then, the Darwin Day is celebrated in many Universities around the world. However, the first celebration was more spontaneous, when in a particular school organized events in memory of the English scientist and his discovery. Despite the fact that in recent years the theory of evolution of Charles Darwin is often criticized, geography Day celebration expands. The occasion becomes truly international.

The first idea of it was supported in scientific circles, as the Day is aimed not only at honoring the discoveries of Darwin, but the popularization of science. Therefore, there is a second name – the international day of science and humanism. Communication of scientific discoveries and human values is obvious. There is not one without the other. Scientific discoveries which can also detect the contradictions, called, however, to serve man, to elevate her, making wiser.

The celebration of Darwin takes place mainly in scientific and educational institutions, where students and teachers organize exhibitions, seminars and lectures, conferences, competitions of student works. Often, to participate in the festivities involved public figures, representatives of humanitarian Funds, as well as journalists who cover events in the press.