Das Erste: the Pentagon has stopped to train Saudi pilots in response to the terrorist attack on a military base in Florida

Das Erste: Пентагон прекратил обучать саудовских лётчиков в ответ на теракт на военной базе во Флориде

The Pentagon has decided to stop training the Saudi military flight training, reports the German TV channel Das Erste. This measure was a reaction to the shooting, the open Saudi Lieutenant at the U.S. base in Florida claimed the lives of several American soldiers. All foreign military, who should be trained in the US, again pass the scrutiny of the security services.

The Pentagon responded to the attack on a military base in Florida last week the cancellation of the training of Saudi military personnel flight training, reports the German TV channel Das Erste. All foreign military, who were supposed to undergo training in the United States is subject to additional scrutiny of the security services.After Saudi soldiers opened fire on a U.S. military base and killed several American servicemen, a decision was taken to cease training flight training 300 Saudi military in Florida. This measure is related to the naval bases at Pensacola, Waiting and Mayport.Over the next ten days by the security services should be carried out security checks against foreign troops who have trained in the United States. This was stated by the Pentagon, reports the German TV channel.It is expected that the theory for the Saudi military will continue this week. However, how long discontinued flight training, Pentagon spokesman said.As recalled by the German TV channel, 21-year-old Lieutenant in the Saudi air force, stationed at Pensacola base for learning, on Friday opened fire at a training facility. The shooter killed three people and wounded several more before being eliminated.According to Das Erste, shortly before the attack of the Saudi military published on Twitter, a Manifesto in which called the US a “country of evil”. White house adviser on national security Robert O’brien stated that this clearly was a terrorist attack. However, you should wait for the results of the FBI investigation.The United States and Saudi Arabia cooperate closely with each other in the military field, stresses the German TV channel. Every year in the United States trained hundreds of Saudi military.

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