Dasha Astafieva has unveiled its parameters

Даша Астафьева рассекретила свои параметры

Dasha Astafieva came to the Studio show “Svasa!”, to support one of the participants of the project, “she zvazheni schaslivi”. There, the actress admitted that in the childhood considered herself an ugly duckling and have gotten many insulting nicknames from classmates, writes “Today”.

Dasha told me that the 8 years she did not grow hair because of health problems. The girl was suffering, was constantly in stress and never dreamed about the popularity and success.

After years Astafieva became one of the hottest Babes Ukrainian show-business. She regularly takes part in a candid photoshoot and not shy to show her figure.

The air show Dasha Astafieva has also declassified its weight. According to the artist, he is 60-62 kg. Parameters of the star, it turns out that almost model – 92-62-92.

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